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Featuring Harry Nile and Crisis

Week 595

Original Air Date: 8/12/07

Harry Nile

A Night of Surprises
Harry Nile is asked to impersonate a missing husband to help his client claim an inheritance. If he says yes he’d be committing fraud, if he says no he could be out a fat fee and right now his bank account is looking like a dieter’s hot dog, all skin and no meat. Guest starring 50’s TV star Rosemary Rice (I Remember Mama), film and TV actor and one time voice of the Los Angeles Ram Gil Stratton and film actress Kathryn Grant Crosby (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad and Anatomy of a Murder)


Dead and Breakfast
An L. A. cop and his wife visit sleepy little Port Angeles Washington where nothing much ever happens…to nice people.

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