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6 Classic Harry Nile Episodes

Volume Thirteen:

  1. THE CASE OF THE MISSING MATISSE - To Harry Nile an old master is the guy who draws the pictures of presidents on money and he's offered a lot of those to look for a stolen masterpiece.

  2. FIELD OF SCREAMS - Do ghosts take an interest in real estate deals? Russell Johnson of "Gilligan's Island" hires Harry to find out.

  3. WEST BAY ROAD - A determined killer wants revenge on the man who killed her husband and she wants Harry to stop her.

  4. THE CASE OF THE BLUE LEATHER CHAIR - The only Harry Nile adventure to ever be broadcast live. The master tape has deteriorated and the sound is flawed, it is included in this collection for archival purposes.

  5. THE RICKMAN MATTER - A mother's desperate plea for "free" help sends Harry on a murder investigation that won't even buy a hamburger.

  6. THE CASE OF THE RUPTURED DUCK - It's off to Alaska for a case about "some dirty rotten varmints a'tryin' ta jump his clients land claim." Hear how a non-bird helps him solve the problem.

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