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Featuring Harry Nile and Harry Nile

Week 776

Original Air Date: 01/30/2011


Harry Nile

P.T. Barnum was Right
On September 28, 2003 we aired the Sherlock Holmes story "The Amateur Mendicant Society" the first of what are now almost one hundred produced scripts by British writer M.J. Elliott. Almost three years later MJ asked if he could take a shot at a Nile script. Jim said yes and this episode, which was first aired on March 12, 2006, is the result. To date we have produced and broadcast thirteen of Mr. Elliott's Harry Nile plays with more to come.

Harry Nile

Weekend in Heaven
We come to the end of our month long tribute to thirty-five years of Harry Nile with a brand new adventure and the latest installment of WAR COMES TO HARRY NILE. In chapter 9 it's March, 1945 and we find our boy taking his first vacation in quite a while. The best part is a client of Harry's sometime lawyer, Marvin Asher, is picking up the whole tab. That is good, isn't it? Sure it is, if you don't mind walking into your room to find a battered and bruised drunken female on your bed.

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