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Featuring Harry Nile and Harry Nile

Week 775

Original Air Date: 01/23/2011


Harry Nile

The Mobius Matter
This was Phil Harper's last appearance as Harry Nile before his sudden passing in October, 2004. This story first aired on November 21st of that same year. Harry gets one for the books: A husband and a wife each think one Is trying to kill the other and both hire out boy to prove it. Featuring Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati."

Harry Nile

The Mystery of the Galena
In January of 2005 Larry Albert took over as the voice of Harry Nile. His first show "This Corpus Ain't Habeas Anymore" was a re-working of a 1970's Nile show and his second "The Line Up" was not written by Harry's creator Jim French. Therefore we've picked his third show for this slot simply because it is the first original Nile script written expressly for Larry by Jim. This episode first aired on February 20, 2005 and guest starred "Gilligan's Island's" Russell Johnson.

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