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Featuring Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes

Week 769

Original Air Date: 12/12/2010

Harry Nile

No Worries
Harry Nile gets two Christmas presents, neither of which he asked for. One is a murder that was committed in front of an audience and our boy can't figure out how it was done. The second is a hard charging, hard drinking P.I. From Australia who has the answer he needs but "She" won't tell him unless he helps with her case (Guest starring Karen "The Hilary Caine Mysteries" Heaven).

Sherlock Holmes

The Case of the Christmas Bauble
It's the Holiday season of 1895 and Holmes and Watson are on the lookout for a special present for Inspector Lestrade, the recovery of a stolen diamond. John Patrick Lowrie was unavailable when we dirst did this story, however, Dennis Bateman did an admirable job filling in as Sherlock Holmes.

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