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A J. Raffles, gentleman, brilliant amateur cricket player, and thief was created in 1898 by E. W. Hornung, brother-in-law of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Like his Baker Street cousin, Raffles has enjoyed a long history in print, on the stage, in film and on television and radio. He is possibly one of the original anti-heroes long before that term existed. However, though a thief he is not a villian but then again he's not Robin Hood either. You decide as you listen to his adventures in the England of a fondly remembered by-gone age

NINE POINTS OF THE LAW adapted from the original by M. J. Elliott: Raffles is a bit hard up for cash so he answers a newspaper advertisement and finds he's being interviewed for a job as… a thief.

A CHANGE OF DIRECTION by John Hall: As has been said many times before "No good deed goes unpunished." A cynical phrase to be sure and yet, one that doesn't stop Raffles from trying to help a suicidal man set some errors straight. However, is all as it should be?

RAFFLES AND MISS MORRIS by John Hall: Once again the Machiavellian mind of England's most daring jewel thief works its magic as it handles schemes within schemes and plans within plans much to the confusion of those involved.

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