Imagination Theater Poll Booth

 Poll Title Votes Comments Results Status
 Week 957 Phoenix Rising - Tag, You're It 4 1 Results Open
 Week 956 The Adventures of Harry Nile - Remy's Regret 15 0 Results Open
 In what part of the country or the world do you listen to Imagination Theatre? 173 2 Results Open
 Which is your favorite Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Audio Team 426 9 Results Open
 We are looking into the idea of a daily podcast. We'd like to hear your ideas for content. 505 24 Results Open
 Who is your favorite character 922 2 Results Open
 Just for fun we'd like to know which of the modern versions of Sherlock Holmes do you prefer and if you like tell us why? 639 28 Results Open
 What is your favorite series Part Two 1965 25 Results Open
 You purchase our products after listening to the show over... 923 3 Results Open
 Do you feel that we are carrying too many series? 1851 43 Results Open
 Who is your favorite sidekick? 3355 20 Results Open
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