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Comment made by lee and pat ( ) on 2012-05-26 22:54:27

We really have gotten to love the Raffles series. They have wonderful understated ironic humor and terrific performances. This weeks story was really great with Mycroft and Sherlock. Would love to have more of Raffles. Thanks
Comment made by Larry Albert ( ) on 2012-05-23 13:02:29

Hi Jim I encouraged the writers to develop the relationship between Kerides and Adrea and this was the transition story. The last thing I want is this for this series to fall into the formula trap; banter, mystery discovered, banter, mystery investigated, banter, mystery solved, final banter. I know this works for some of our series but not for Kerides. This show has real potential to break the mold and have our leads grow. So sometimes the mystery will dominate and sometimes it won't, if all goes as planned. Thanks for you input.
Comment made by Jim Meals ( ) on 2012-05-22 00:33:06

Kerides has been an innovative and creative series but the latest episode was a setback. The relationship between the two main characters has been delightful in the past but what is delightful in small doses can be irritating when over done. The Scene of the Crime was a mystery story with no mystery. The entire show was devoted to the relationship between the two main characters and became tiresome despite the fine acting. IT has many series which combine mystery with other elements. Hilary Caine's wacky stories keep us laughing but also keep us guessing as to the identity of the killer. Raffles has a lot of caustic humor but the humor never diminishes the tension. Kerides needs to get back to solving crimes. His domestic situation should serve as a charming subplot. Kerides, The Thinker is a fresh and innovative approach to the mystery. Let's not allow the mystery to fade from this fine series.
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 comments)  
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