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Comment made by Larry ( ) on 2009-11-26 02:38:11

Since we are no longer running the Louis L'amour Theater I feel that I'm free to say I couldn't stand the thing. To me it was an elaborate book on tape. And before anyone asks neither Jim nor had were the ones who decided to air it on Imagination Theater. It was done by Transmedia the company syndicating our show at the time. When they dropped us Louis L'amour went bye bye with absolutely no regrets on this end. There I've said it and I'm glad. Happy Thanksgiving folks.
Comment made by Jeff L. ( ) on 2009-11-25 20:57:54

back again, you seriously need to watch what you are saying, because you accused David for being rude, but what you actually did was be rude right back. Hardly a way to take it being "mature" as you put it. I, myself, seem to dispise Powder River greatly for the fact that it doesn't have as much excitement, or even realism for that matter, as Louis L'Amour Theatre had. Powder River has improved, I'll say that much, but it still lacks a lot of quality. 'Nuff said.
Comment made by Sherlock Holmes ( ) on 2009-11-23 19:35:38

I only wish that radio shows would come back on a regular basis as they once enjoyed during the "Golden Age of Radio." I commend you on your work and productions, to keep this art form alive. Sincere thanks, Wayne K Phillips
Comment made by back again ( ) on 2009-11-23 14:10:38

David, you said regarding previous comments..."keeping your comments to yourself" seem to ignore the reason there is a comment section. Let this be a place we CAN disagree, that we can express our likes and dislikes with passion." All well and good, I believe folks were primarily objecting to the manner in which the negative opinions where being expressed. (Being passionate is not an excuse to bash something yo may not like or understand). It is OK to not like something, but it is not OK to say the acting talent "Can't act their way out of a paper bag", or to imply that only "city folk" (stated with much implied disdain) who "Do not know which end of the horse is the front" would like a particular program. Maybe in your world that is playing nice with others, but to many of us that is perceived as being very rude, immature, and condescending. This poll is called, "What is your favorite Program?", it is not called "Which program do you really hate and why?" We all here like audio dramas,and the productions of Jim French. I would propose that we all play up the positives, and not pound on the negatives, since nobady asked you too. Obviously Larry and Jim are OK with Powder River, as are many folks who listen on XM, Sirius, and terrestrial radio. I am a fan, I have lived on Ranches, I have lived near ranches, I have lived in the rural west and in the rural south, and I like Powder River allot. followed by Sherlock Holmes of course.
Comment made by David ( ) on 2009-11-23 00:04:21

While I happen to NOT enjoy Powder River, I wanted to comment on some of the remarks made by its fans. Jan, I can certainly appreciate you defending your show, but your comments about either enjoying the shoe or "keeping your comments to yourself" seem to ignore the reason there is a comment section. Let this be a place we CAN disagree, that we can express our likes and dislikes with passion. Lets face, it as popular as IT is, we are still,in the whole sceme of things, a small group of fans. While we may never gather at a convention or have a meeting, lets use this section to agree, disagree, argue, laugh and express a little passion at this unique love of ours. Anyway,my objections to PR are not based on my personal experiences at a ranch, but I at least found that point of view interesting. Additionally, the argument that "alot of people voted for it so its good" is also invalid. It does means there are loyal fans who, like all of the other shows, can vote multiple times. Again, while this indicative of a loyal following, I hope we never automatically equate popularity with quality. Having said this, I will say that while it is easier said then done, I wish JFP would create an original western. Also, I firmly believe that if Kincaid is given the same airing time as Powder River, it has the potential to join the "Big Two" of Harry and Sherlock. Lastly, I was as big a fan of Harry Nile as they come, and worried about the change of actors but I have been most pleased with Larry Albert. He has done a fine job.
Comment made by Tom K. ( ) on 2009-11-20 00:08:00

Ditto, Robert, ditto. I enjoy Powder River also, and the rest of JFP's shows, and some more than others as would anyone else I'd expect. That doesn't mean any of them are bad, just that different people have different tastes and preferences. Now that doesn't mean that I think that every episode of PR is perfect in every way all the time but no other show is either, and if one were to truly pay attention instead of dismiss the show out of hand altogether (more due to a negative attitude than anything else) then one can tell how the show's acting and overall quality has improved over time--although one misses the characters that are now gone--and that improvement is a true mark of talent and professionalism in any endeavor and not something found everywhere, which is why I feel the show blends in well with the rest of JFP's portfolio and should be appreciated for it. After all, if PR isn't to a person's taste, fine. This is America after all, and without wanting to sound too rude about it, than a person who doesn't care for PR or any of the other specific series JFP makes available, just doesn't have to download and listen to it; concentrate on the other fine shows they provide instead. After all, not all of the westerns produced and aired during the "Golden Age" of radio were well produced, acted, etc. nor accurately descriptive of life in the "Wild West" either. After all, how many of those shows spent much time if any depicting the lives of regular farmers or sheep and possibly goat ranchers back then instead of just cattle--and beef cattle at that!! (I might be a little partial as I have ancestors and relatives who owned and worked on farms raising dairy cattle instead of beef cattle in Wisconsin and possibly New England/New York going back 150-160 yrs. at least) and horse ranchers. Or talked about what the (usually dirt) streets and smells of those nice 'pristine' Western towns were like after it rained, especially torrentially, with all that manure from the livestock and the outhouses/cesspools so commonly used before the days of electricity and indoor plumbing and using cars, trucks, etc. instead of animals for transportation and hauling things. So some of this stuff about which series more accurately depicts life in the "West" sometimes needs to be taken with a small grain of salt since they all temd to concentrate in their own way on the positive aspects of how things were back then, hopefully without being pollyannish (correct term?) and tended to ignore or gloss over the more unpleasant aspects of it. But then that's how entertainment usually is and how people tend to want to remember things also, in most eras of human history. Oh well--I've probably gone on too long now anyway and should get off my soapbox so I can get to its contents when I need to. Take care and best wishes everyone.
Comment made by Robert ( ) on 2009-11-19 18:43:17

I agree with Jan and Larry. Powder River is certainly popular with a large number of people according to the poll results. One of the things I like about Powder River is how well they capture the feel of the time. They were so much more pleasant then than the rudeness and coarseness that modern folk seem to exhibit everywhere from these discussion boards to the supermarket parking lot. I look forward to my 30 minutes in Clearmont WY every month. I might be a city slicker, and admittedly one looking for entertainment. If I wanted something that was true to the rural life I guess I could watch the early morning farm shows to find out the price of pork bellies today, but I am not certain that would be much fun. I have listened to the classic Gunsmoke radio shows and enjoy them too, but I really like having Powder River in stereo and high fidelity. I love it and am not ashamed to admit it. Now, there are some shows on I.M. that are not my cup of tea, but my momma done raised me to be civil, and I will keep those thoughts to myself like someone here has reminded us all to consider doing.
Comment made by Jan ( ) on 2009-11-15 15:46:13

Larry, you are one hundred percent correct to observe that the poll speaks for itself. Powder River is a very popular show on your stations and on Satellite Radio. Some may not want to hear that, but it is true. Do any of us really want to hear ďranch handsĒ from Vason Island Washington State dump on Powder River or insult voice talent? I donít think so. Gunsmoke the TV show had nothing to do with the real live west, how many Marshals ware pink shirts everyday? (OK, maybe they do on those huge long horn spreads that cover small islands in Washington State) None-the-Less, it was a great western TV show. Powder River resonates with many many people, they love it, why sad grumpy people feel the need to dump on those who enjoy it is beyond me. I spent many a fine year on a ranch in Wellington Colorado (Real Ranch Country, not far from the Powder River in WY, I have actually been there). We raised mostly hay and horses, the neighbors raise Bison. Fortunately we had quite a few shares of water cause it is quite dry there on the plains. Our ranch hands heard PR, and enjoyed it for what it was. I now live in Texas, and sold my ranch here a few years back, and my ranch hands there enjoyed it to. Was it a real portrayal of the ranch life? No, but who would listen to that? I guess it just burns some folks biscuits that Powder River is so popular. Real western folk would know how to be civil and not act as is their opinion is all that matters. They would not make Blanket statements that something isnít good, then go off and insult city folks , insult urban professionals, bash actors and act as if they are knowledgeable audio dramatist who could say worse things if they wanted to. My momma taught me that if you donít like something, be civil and keep it to yourself. If you like something, share it with the world. I like Powder River, and I tell everyone I can how enjoyable my time with Britt, Clem and Doc are. Larry, thanks for running the program.
Comment made by Sam I Am ( ) on 2009-11-14 19:49:53

No offense to Larry or IM but Powder River just isn't a good western, period. To Jan who thinks millions listen, maybe but I'd bet they're city folks who wouldn't know which end of the horse was the front. As a farmer and rancher I've yet to meet anyone one in the farm and ranching world (that would be real cowboys not yuppies dressed up like cowboys) who like this show. It just isn't authentic. I agree with CBD (a ranch hand here, not my duel personality) the acting isn't good nor is the writing. The quality of this show just doesn't capture the spirit of the real west or true western history. I don't know Jerry from Adam's cat but I agree with CBD in regard to his voice. It doesn't fit the part. No offense to him. Maybe it works for some people but not for me or for anyone I've ever shared western radio dramas with. We have cook outs in the summer time when the whole ranch gets togther (sometimes neighboring farms and ranchs) and one of our favorite things to do is listen to a great western radio drama. The 3 or 4 times I've tried playing Powder River it's been a disaster. NO ONE wants to hear it. It just gets booed off the air. And before you say the folks here are uneducated let me say we have 1 PHD on our staff along with 7 other college graduates from 4 years schools and six from JC programs. The folks want to hear Louis L'Amour, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel and some others. Personally I love western radio drama (along with some other genres)but Powder River doesn't cut it as a good radio western with real western folks. Sorry. I'd love to hear more westerns made but not in the style of Powder River. When CBD gets in I'll let her know you've taken a dislike to her comments. She can post a reply if she likes. To Jerry Robbins: No offense to you but P.R. just flops in the ranch and farm community. I'm sure you probably make other shows that would be found more enjoyable. Your voice sounds to me like it would be good in a detective story. Oh and if anybody thinks these are harsh comments, you should come out to the ranch some time. I'll play some Powder River for you and you'll hear some harsh comments, unfit to print here.
Comment made by Larry ( ) on 2009-11-14 15:23:17

Jerry has neither asked for nor needs me to defend his show or his acting ability. Suffice to say that as far as his personal talent I have invited him to appear on any of our shows if he ever makes it to Seattle. I look forward to sharing a mic with him. As for Powder River, well I think the poll speaks for it self. I believe in free speech and so I don't edit this page or the others unless the language gets out of hand or there is a personal attack and I won't stand for that. Actors have to learn to hear from people that don't like their work; When I took over Harry Nile I had a man tell me he was moving to Canada unless Jim gave the part to someone else. I'm very happy that so many of our listeners have high opinions of our work and Powder River will be a part of our family for as long a CRT lets us play in their sandbox.
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