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Comment made by Bob ( ) on 2010-04-16 23:05:16

I am a big fan of the old time radio shows. I was born in 1968, so I don't really know about the golden age of radio, but Harry Nile seems to be the closest to that era of shows. Kincaid is my second favorite tied with with movies for your mind. I have been listening to JFP as long as they have been on the air - and I am still a dedicated listener even though there is not a radio staion in my area. Thank goodness for the internet!!! Keep up the great work.
Comment made by Vinny ( ) on 2010-04-08 11:04:13

This was a tough choice. I am a long time Sherlock Holmes fan and love all the Sherlock Holmes episodes (and anything Holmes related) BUT I LOVE Harry Nile. To ask to choose between the two is like asking which one of your children is your favorite one!! I look forward to Harry Nile and REALLY enjoy those shows also. I like them about the same. Raffles and Kincaid are great too as well as the other character shows.
Comment made by Travis C. ( ) on 2010-03-09 13:26:08

While I enjoy them all to varying degrees, except for Raithe, the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes would have to be my favorite. I really, really, like Hilary Caine and Raffles, and I like Harry Nile. I can take Kincaid in small doses. Kincaid has flashes of brilliance - I really liked the Green Man, which seems to have been inspired from the Tom Mix storyline of the same name. I'd like to hear more Kerides, as well. If I were forced to prioritize it, I'd say my favorites in order are Holmes, Raffles, Hilary Caine, Harry Nile, Kerides, Kincaid, Powder River. Powder River isn't a mystery show, but it's much better than Louis L'Amour, and it can be a really fun series at time. I've listened to almost every one. Towards the end, the most likable characters were killed off, and it's gone into reruns. I am a long-time subscriber, and I am happy to continue supporting new radio dramas.
Comment made by Sharon ( ) on 2010-02-22 14:59:35

Wow... Mike, I am a grateful American who wishes your nephew miracles in rehab! God bless him and all his family for their sacrifice and all who sacrifice to ensure our freedom and safety! This is not a trivial issue to be made lightly of. Dave, try using the on/off option on your audio device when you hear things that don't please you. And to all @ Imagination Theater and Colonial Radio Theatre, keep doing what you are doing so well. Thank you.
Comment made by the quiet man ( ) on 2010-02-22 14:07:22

Mike you said it very well, regrettably the world is full of people who only care about themselves, and do not give a hoot as to how their words effect others. They are firm in their belief that it is their right to upset folks. Kind of makes you miss the old days when people had manners. Anyway, Mike Your points are well taken. Ralph, I am with you on your assessment of PR.
Comment made by Ralph ( ) on 2010-02-22 12:56:16

I'd like to thank you Mr. French for making Powder River a part of you listening entertainment. I have listened to that series from start to finish I know each part as if I were each character. I. Have talk with. Several others who I have turned into Powder River fans though they aren't as dedicated as I am they still enjoy the listening. I Thank You and Colonial Radio Theatre.
Comment made by Mike ( ) on 2010-02-22 10:46:25

To echo Stewart's comment, when I watch the nephew whose development I've followed from birth, the nephew who was proud to join the Marine Corps, who qualified as a sniper and was trained in intelligence school, who was decorated for running over open ground in the middle of a firefight to rescue an Iraqi child caught in the crossfire and who is now struggling to recover from traumatic brain injuries after being blown up seven (!) times in Fallujah, trying to recover so he can hold a job and support his family, I find offensive any flippant analogy between some harmless endeavor and the tragic circumstances surrounding terrorism in the world. And, as Mr. Albert says, it's just a radio show, pretty much the definition of a harmless endeavor. As I said before, people capable of feeling shame don't make those sorts of remarks in the first place. The recent attempt to legitimize the remark simply reinforces my opinion. The original speaker is clearly beyond being influenced. However, for those of you who may be on the fence here, kind of trying to figure out why so much heat has been generated, here are some ideas to consider: My nephew's experience, and much worse stories, are being played out literally millions of times today all over the world. Each story affects many people, and those people are suffering. Not the annoyance of finding somebody's storytelling unsatisfying or his acting amateurish, but actual suffering: pain and death. It would only be disingenuous to take offense as if you thought the speaker was being serious when you actually knew he was not being serious. That is not what happened here. That the original remark was supposed to be a joke is as obvious as it is irrelevant. "The terrorists win" has been a stock punch line, even a cliche, for years. I am not offended by the attempt at humor, however unimaginative. I am offended by the insensitive (not to mention lazy) use of terrorism as the hammer to embarrass both the people who produce and the people who enjoy a radio show. So, what is disingenuous? Implying that the administrator is self-serving when the clear evidence is that the administrator doesn't criticize posts, positive, negative, or repetitive, as long as they contribute to the discussion and conform to the purpose of the forum, only when they devolve into personal attacks. Also, implying that people who are offended just didn't understand what you you were trying to do, as if "just kidding" gives you a free pass to trivialize people's suffering because you don't like a radio show. Claiming you're a victim when you're a perpetrator. Mr. Albert is right. It is just radio. I happen to enjoy Powder River. If I didn't, I'd like to think I'd criticize the show by saying something about the show. I've spent way to much time writing in an effort to encourage the thoughtful people on this forum to do the same.
Comment made by Larry Albert ( ) on 2010-02-22 02:38:09

Dave if I was opposed to freedom of speech I would have removed your comments or blocked you a long time ago. You are free to write you views on this site at anytime. What I fail to understand your constant need to stir the pot. This is a radio show for heavens sake not something of vital importance to the world. It's quality or lack of it isn't going to change the world or feed the poor, build houses and schools. Powder River isn't going to effect the outcome of elections or turn American politicians into intelligent caring people. It's just a radio show nothing more. Write what like if you must Dave it will appear on this page as long as the poll lasts, as will any rebuttals. But if you're beating this dead horse simply to have a public forum for your dislike of the program you're wasting your talent. Why not use your obvious intelligence to tackle real issues. You have a mind, use it on something of value. Its only a radio show.
Comment made by Stewart ( ) on 2010-02-22 02:03:35

- - - - Dave, you say I am being "Disingenuous" (not being candid or sincere) about Your post "being 'offensive' to the war on terror" - - - - I think Not. - - - - Your post was offensive to me Personally! - - - - As one who had to deal with Real-World Terrorists (the Baader-Meinhof Gang) during my service in the U.S. Army, I find your Remark in INCREDIBLY POOR TASTE! - - - - I wish you had been with us while we were searching for the Bombs these terrorists claimed they planted. - - - - To use a quote from the realm of Old-Time Radio, your so-called attempt at humor, "T'ain't funny, McGee!"
Comment made by David ( ) on 2010-02-21 22:47:50

Whao! I have not been back in a while and wanted to respond to some of the reactions to my comments. First, I was only attempting to use exaggeration as humor over the Powder River debate. I realize we all have different types of humor but I think the responses about my post being "offensive" to the war on terror are disengenous. Second, since I am a fan of your work, I am sorry, Larry, that you find my comments "tiresome" and "repetitive". The fact is that there are,as I have respectfully noted, many fans of Powder River. It is also a fact that many of us do not like the show. I respond because I care about these shows and want to express my opinion along with the positive notes of Powder River fans. I listen to the shows and try to be fair and objective . I have been respectful in my responses and will continue to be. I have noticed,Larry, that the repetitive positive feedback doesn't seem to bother you. So, you have an opinion poll. You can delete my posts or critize me for my opinions, Larry, but I WILL leave them. Powder River is here to stay, as you say, and I will "deal with it",to borrow your phrase. Also here to stay are my weekly feedbacks. Its called freedom of speech, so you deal with that.
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