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Comment made by Silvia ( ) on 2009-08-21 14:05:04

My three favorite shows are Powder River, followed by Powder River, and lastly Powder River.
Comment made by W ( ) on 2009-08-11 19:34:28

Too bad you have to choose only one. Raffles, Niles, Holmes, Caine and Kincaid are all major #1s. Power River is a second because it is a fun serial. Ending with Kerides. My thoughts. The show with the cross-over was a great show. Wish we could have another one done. 1 penny, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Comment made by Harry Nile ( ) on 2009-07-30 11:13:36

I just discovered this station a few months ago. 'The Adventures of Harry Nile' happens to come on as I am drving to work at 5:30AM. I find myself looking forward to the drive to work on those mornings and am very disappointed when I am running a little late.
Comment made by Ron Roberts ( ) on 2009-07-20 00:53:14

Simply, it was a tight call. I voted for Powder River becuse I love it but I am not suprised to see the other top vote producers ahead of Powder River. Mr. Holmes, and Mr. Nile are are hard to deny. Thank you.
Comment made by David ( ) on 2009-07-17 00:06:45

Harry Nile and Sherlock are some of the best entertainment going! I agree that John Patrick Lowrie and Larry Albert are fantastic in their roles! I believe putting Sherlock and Harry together in the same hour makes for a great night of radio. That being said, I think some of the seris are hurt by how infrequent that they are played. I believe Kincaid deserves more episodes. I don't feel I really enjoy Kerides due to its infrequent airings. Powder River on the other hand gets plenty of airings and I find it boring.
Comment made by Shawn ( ) on 2009-07-10 21:46:46

Nile is easily my favorite, but Holmes and the Movies are tied at a close #2.
Comment made by kq ( ) on 2009-07-03 11:00:24

I wish we could have rated each series, rather than have to pick just one as a favorite.
Comment made by George A. ( ) on 2009-06-23 19:48:59

The Adventure's of Harry Nile is my favorite show, but The Furthered/Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a close second. Of my opinion, I think all the shows a great, EXCEPT, Powder River. I find it a disapointment that it replaced Louis L'Amour Theatre. Still think Louis L'Amour writes better stories than those of Powder River. Not many were able to experience the greater stories witten by L'Amour. The stories mainly aired were "The Pognip Trail" and "A Road to Casia Piadras". Powder River has captured most people's attention because Imagination Theater continues to supply listeners new stories, and if that keeps people to continue listening and supporting Imagination Theater, its fine with me.
Comment made by DrewMalone; Raines III ( ) on 2009-06-15 16:16:58

NOT FAIR, How can one pick GREAT entertainment over another? In Each Category one could easily find each and every one of these series at the top. I thoroughly enjoy each and every one a nd to say Hillary cane is not listened to or Kamedies doesn’t have a Uniqueness. One attempting to judge is from the best is ridiculous! Harry Nile, Got me, here, Harry Nile Keeps me here, but all the other story lines solidify the promotion of "Imagination Theater" and 'OTR' to enlighten one’s imagination for the mind should be enlightened, challenged while being nourished. Semper Fi, Drew Malone; Raines III, Electronic Engineer, USMC 1967-1977, International conservative talk show host, C.E.O.. H.E.A.R.T. & Associates. collector, not only a listener but a collector of OFF aire Productions of Old Time Radio communications for the mind. Oh for the longing of the unknown Lady Detectives behind the scenes....
Comment made by Michael Baran ( ) on 2009-06-07 21:51:13

I like all of the shows. To choose a favorite was really tough but I figured that Harry Nile had the most variety in the number of episodes, seeing as how it's been around for so long. Sherlock Holmes has just as many, or more, but I was born in '55, so that era really interests me. Driving truck for a living affords me the opportunity to hear them all. Keep up the great work of entertaining us by having us use our imaginations to see the story. Telling stories on the radio has truely become a lost art and all of you do such a great job. Thanks.
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