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Comment made by Jan ( ) on 2009-11-14 14:48:12

Dear Sam and CBD...too bad you both need to share a computer, or are you the same person? Anyway, why do you think any of us care about your stilted and harsh opinions? Powder River is wonderful Radio, just look at the poll results and you will see that it is the third most popular series offered by Jim French. Personally, it is my favorite, and it is a perennial favorite on XM and Sirius Radio. Only a few millions folks there consider it the best thing on audio book station...yea, they all must be wrong. You do not have to take my word for it, listen to the station manager, she often comments on how popular it is. It is rude for both your personalities to insult those of us (and there are many) who love Powder River. Colonial Radio is certainly one of the top producers in the craft today, or why else would Jim French run their stuff? Please grow up, learn to play nice, and see a shrink about your duel personality issues.
Comment made by Jerry Robbins ( ) on 2009-11-14 14:21:47

Thanks, CBD; Comments appreciated from both sides of the fence. I'll find a paper sack, get inside, try some acting, and let you know how it all works out! Cheers from Bah-sten
Comment made by CBD ( ) on 2009-11-14 13:34:00

Sherlock Holmes is exceptional. Powder River is horrid. For anyone who likes Powder River please go to archive.org - Go to the audio section and look up Gunsmoke or Have Gun Will Travel. Down load some of these shows and listen to them. These are truly great radio westerns. Even the campy Wild Bill Hitchcock is better than Powder River. Try Jimmy Stewart's The Six Shooter or William Boyd's Hopalong Cassidy. Listen to some truly good westerns then you'll think twice about calling that lame Powder River a good show. Jerry Robbins has a terrible voice for radio. Honestly, the guy couldn't act his way out of a wet paper sack. Modern radio drama has the capacity to be great but most of it isn't. Outside of the BBC, Imagination Theater is far and away the best modern radio drama group. It's the golden standard. Jim French and Larry Albert (and gang) are 1000 times better than Colonial ever thought of being. However, I would give a nod to California Artists Radio Theatre. They were founded by the wonderful Peggy Webber, a veteran of the golden age of radio and regular on The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Her group does a fine job in the modern era of radio drama. Mr. French should see if he could get Peggy Webber to guest star on an episode of Sherlock Holmes.
Comment made by Sam I Am ( ) on 2009-11-13 20:45:14

Sherlock Holmes is the best Holmes production since the BBC Holmes series. Powder River is the worst western ever. Bad acting, worse writing. Bah-sten accents in Wyoming is just bogus. Harry Nile is good but a little flat. He needs a little more personality. IM needs an action adventure series. Most of your shows are quite good. Very well written and well acted. You're far, far better than Colonial Radio Theatre. Drop them and get a real western, Please.
Comment made by RamJamSam ( ) on 2009-10-29 03:13:52

I have been listening to IT for over 20 years and I love SH and HN, KTS is also a big favorite. I have a hardtime listening to Raffles and will not listen to Hilary Caine or Powder River. I have bought just about all of SH and HN episodes and lots of MFYM (they are a great special treat) Keep up the great work.
Comment made by wayne ferguson ( ) on 2009-10-25 17:14:55

I love Harry Nile with Kincaid a close second.
Comment made by Me ( ) on 2009-10-22 12:43:37

I am a Powder River fanatic. Keep them coming.
Comment made by Jeff G. ( ) on 2009-10-20 13:37:15

I only want to listen to Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes.... Cannot get enough of them.
Comment made by Sven ( ) on 2009-10-18 23:31:32

SH by far is myy favorite, followed by The Strangeseeker. By far you have too much Harry Nile. Powder River sounds like a high school production. The actors seem monotone and flat.
Comment made by Stewart ( ) on 2009-10-02 19:10:38

I have been listening to Jim French's shows since 1973. While I enjoy nearly all of the series, my two favorite are The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (FASH) and The Anthony Rathe Chronicles (ARC). I particularly enjoy FASH because of the variety of writers and the various approaches they have taken. I enjoy ARC because it is new series and the characters and their relationships are still developing.
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