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A Marvelous New Collection of Sherlock Holmes Stories in the Works

Fans of Imagination Theatre's two Sherlock Holmes series may be interested to know of a forthcoming 3 volume anthology of new, traditional style, Sherlock Holmes stories from Holmes specialist MX Publishing, which has been put together to support the restoration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's former home, Undershaw.

As well as being the largest such anthology ever attempted, there will even be more stories than in the original canon created by Doyle.

Among over 60 writers, including a host of well-known Sherlockian names, there is a strong contingent of writers who have worked on Imagination Theatre's own Holmes broadcasts, including 'Classic Adventures' maestro Matthew J. Elliott, John Hall, Matthew Booth, Jeremy Holstein, Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett, Daniel McGachey (aka me), David Marcum (who has co-ordinated and edited the books), and Jim French himself.

The books reached their earliest KickStarter total within 2 days of launching, and will hopefully make the secondary goal of £10,000 before the campaign ends - and backing the KickStarter is the ideal way to get the books cheaper and quicker before their October launch - as this larger sum will allow the funding of the restoration to begin pretty much immediately.

There is also a Radio Times article with more details about Undershaw's restoration and the book project.

There promises to be some incredible new adventures for Holmes and Watson to enjoy, and all in aid of a very good cause.


The Fourth set of The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is now Available

We have taken 12 more episodes from our series "The Classic Adventures od Sherlock Holmes" and place them all together in our 4th collection of the the original tales as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and dramatized by M. J. Elliott. Over 6 hours of listening pleasure and all in one box set starring John Patrick Lowrie and Lawrence Albert as the Baker Street duo. None of these productions have ever been realeased on CD and bring the total of classic tales released by us to 48. The set can be purchased as either the 6 CD album for $39.95 or as a download for only $20.00.





Eighteen never before released to CD episodes of America's favorite private eye's cases are now available for purchase as either a 6 CD set for $39.95 or as a download for only $20.00. Starring Larry Albert as Harry and Pat French as Murphy this collection marks the completion of Pat's long run as the character, which began in 1978 as a one shot and resumed in 1991 when Jim brought the Harry Nile series back with new adventures after a thirteen hiatus.  



HARRY NILE – THE HARDEST WORKINGT CORPSE IN SHOW BUSINESS PART ONE. – Original air date 5/25/14 Episode 263 of "The Adventures of Harry Nile." Every time Harry's ever gotten mixed up with someone in the music business something bad always happens, but this time his luck may change. Well, except for Harry finding a murdered guy and the living dead man his brother is hiding.

THE HARDEST WORKING CORPSE IN SHOW BUSINESS PART TWO – Original air date 6/8/14 Episode 264 of "The Adventures of Harry Nile." Ok let's review; in part one we learned that a dead singer is really alive and that he's been recoding songs the whole time. Plus there's been a murder and Harry's brother Joey is implicated in at least four other killings. So, Harry now has to keep hi kin out of jail and solve five murders. Not bad for a start.

REMY'S REGRET – Original air date 7/13/14 Harry Nile has to mark this one under the heading "Just when you think you knew somebody." His buddy, the former French resistance fighter and ski champion Remy La Porte is really banged up and in the hospital accused of t he murder of his… sister-in-law?

HILARY CAINE – A MULTITUDE OF SINS – Original air date 5/18/14 Episode 16 of "The Hilary Caine Mysteries" In this special length episode IT's favorite "girl" detective comes against a man who believes he has committed the perfect murder. Beware the fool who thinks he can outwit a woman on a mission.

KERIDES, THE THINKER – LAST NIGHT OF FREEDOM –- Original air date 6/22/14 Episode 14 of Kerides, the Thinker. It's the day before the wedding of Adrea and Kerides and even in ancient Egypt the groom gets bachelor party. Only he probably didn't expect to wake up in a cellar bound hand and foot with fate of the city resting on his shoulders.                                       

RAFFLES – A LONG NIGHT–- Original air date 6/12/05 Episode seven of "Raffles, The Gentleman Thief." His identity discovered, Raffles is forced to commit to a burglary or Bunny's life is forfeit. Can he turn the tables, save his friend and still make a profit?

THE DUCHESS OF IRELAND–- Original air date 6/29/14 Episode 18 of Raffles, the Gentleman Thief. Once again we join Raffles and his friend Bunny Manders as they romp thru Victorian England one-step ahead of the law. This time the Gentleman thief is innocent, he didn't take the jewel but he's fairly certain he knows who did and when the actual crook tries to put the blame on Raffles the fun begins.

SHERLOCK HOLMES – THE ADVENTURE OF THE ABBEY GRANGE - Original air date 3/30/14 Episode 43 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A husband protecting his wife and home from a gang of thieves is brutally killed and Scotland Yard summons Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Why, isn't this a straightforward case of breaking and entering a murder, maybe not.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE TONTINE - Original air date 10/26/03 Episode 42 in "The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes." The Great Detective committed to a mad house? Yes, and Watson is his only hope of escape. But the good Doctor hasn't any idea of where his friend is.

THE DEVIL'S FOOT - Original air date 4/27/14 Episode Forty-four of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." This tale is over 100 years old and it still offers one of the finest mysteries Sherlock Holmes ever investigated. Three people sitting around a table playing cards when for no apparent reason two of them are driven insane and the third dies frothing at the mouth.

THE MUSGRAVE RITUAL - Original air date 6/16/14 Episode 45 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Published in 1893 this classic Sherlock Holmes story deals with what appears to be a meaningless puzzle, a strange treasure and the sudden disappearance of two people.

THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE - Original air date 7/27/14 Episode 46 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Set in October of 1890 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle listed this as his second favorite Sherlock Holmes story. With one of the most original plots structures devised for a Holmes tale this is truly one of the classics.



Jim French Productions is proud to announce the release of John Patrick Lowrie's award winning science fiction novel "Dancing With Eternity" as an unabridged audio book available from Audible dot com, Amazon dot com and I-tunes. 

A funny and thought-provoking adventure that challenges our traditional beliefs about love, sex, immortality, and spirituality, Dancing With Eternity won the 2011 Forward Firsts Award for Debut fiction. Fully produced with a score by Mr. Lowrie and ambient sound effects by Lawrence Albert, it is the kind of immersive 'movie for your mind' that you've come to expect from Jim French Productions.

Narrated by John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain, the voice of the computer Glados in the popular Portal video games, Dancing With Eternity comes alive through their amazingly dexterous vocal work. Order it today from audible dot com, Amazon dot com or I-tunes.



CRISIS –-  DOOMSDAY CLOCK, THE – Original Air Date 10/6/ A man fears his inheritance of a curious old clock might prove deadly.

GRANDPA AND THE QUEEN OF VENUS – Original Air Date 5/27/76 A tale about a grandfather who won't let advanced age or the lack of other's imagination pen him or slow him down.

THE GYPSY – Original Air Date 3/13/75 It is said that art imitates life; if that is so, then can art also seek revenge?

HARD EVIDENCE – Original Air Date 1/8/76 A blackmailer threatens to reveal a scandal in the life of a promising presidential candidate.

MASKS – Original Air Date 2/26/76 A mysterious maker of unusual masks helps a small time actor reach for the brass ring through murder.

NIGHT TAPES – Original Air Date 5/15/75 A private detective must discover who is leaving threatening messages on a photographers answering machine and why.

A SEMI-PRIVATE ROOM – Original Air Date 12/13/73 It's not always a good idea to look too deeply into the pas. Featuring film (Seven Brides For Seven Brothers) and TV (Three's Company, Maverick) actress Ruta Lee.

THE LAST OF  SIMEON BUELL – Original Air Date 1/17/74 A silver miner in the old west is missing and suspicions of foul play falls on his partner.

HARRY NILE – ALWAYS LEAVE 'EM WANTING MORE – Original air date 4/5/98 A special double length episode that takes us back to the Chicago of the late 1930's during Harry Nile's days as a rookie cop and a married man.

AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO – Original air date 11/10/13 One quick phone call from a stranger sets Harry Nile and Murphy off on a case that involves the theft of $50,000, the murder of a gangster and Harry's meeting of a woman who may or may not be a whacko. Guest starring the voice of Judy Jetson and the star of the Golden Age of radio's "Meet Corliss Archer" series, Ms. Janet Waldo plus actor/comedian/writer Chuck McCann

THE CASE OF THE BITTER BANKER – Original air date 12/21/97 Harry Nile helps a lonely bank employee whose only thing in life that she looks forward to is suddenly taken from her by her lousy boss - and he turns up dead.

THE CASE OF T HE CRYING CORPSE – Original air date 9/11/05 A man falls to his death from the 30th floor of his office building and Harry Nile receives a manuscript that tells all about it before it happens! Who wrote the book and sent it to Harry? Boris Karloff!

 CHRISTMAS ON THE CHEAP– Original air date 12/8/13 Chapter 16 of "War Comes to Harry Nile." It's Christmastime 1943 and Harry's been working as the security man at A -1 Fabricators for almost a year, and as a Yuletide present he given another responsibility, party planner. On top of that he has to deal with several bomb threats if he's actually successful and the party comes off as planned. Ho, ho, ho

THE DAY AFTER – Original air date 10/13/13 Chapter 15 of "War Comes to Harry Nile." It's December 8th 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. Harry has tried to enlist in every service but the girl scouts and gets a "no" from all of them. He's 4-F, unfit for duty. Our boy is frustrated and unhappy when he's sent a new client from shyster lawyer Marvin Asher, a client Harry would like to throw down the stairs.

FULL MOON – Original air date 1/19/14 Be very, very careful what you teach your children as they're growing up because sometimes it can come back to bite you in the butt. Harry Nile's latest job is a case in point when he finds himself working against the clock and a parent's outside the box beliefs to prevent a suicide.

GHOST – Original air date 6/9/13 Murphy has joined the board of a local community theater. That in itself can be dramatic enough but add the possibility of a ghost with harmful intentions and Harry's favorite redhead wastes no time bring in her own ghost buster, Harry Nile.

THE GREENWOOD SHOOTING – Original air date 2/9/14 Harry Nile has had some weird ones over time but this one is a beaut. Who steals a car from a used car lot and then brings it back with blood in the trunk and how does it connect with a drive-by killing?

ITS MORE COMPLICATED THEN YOU THINK – Original air date 7/14/13 Harry Nile has a problem; Murphy's out of town and two of her girlfriends want to fill in for her, two of her girlfriends who don't like each other. On top of that his new client want him to find her husband, dead or alive, it doesn't matter, since she'll either kill him herself or take him for everything he's got in the divorce. Estrogen is everywhere.

THE OUT OF TOWNER – Original air date 3/23/14 Episode 262 of "The Adventures of Harry Nile." You know Harry Nile's gonna have a bad day when he sees a guy being kidnapped and thrown into the back of a truck. Our boy gives chase and a rug flies out of the truck hits his car and causes him to run off the road. Couldn't get worse you? How about if there's a dead body wrapped up in the rug?

A THIEF'S DUTY – Original air date 9/8/13 In a follow up to "Blood on the Snow" Harry Nile and Murphy are invited to the opening weekend of a ski lodge only to find themselves caught up in a cloak and dagger plot involving stolen jewels and a red ski jacket.

HILARY CAINE – EYEWITNESS TO MURDER – Original air date 9/15/13 Episode 14 of "The Hilary Caine Mysteries." This time Tittle-Tattle magazine's "Girl Detective" has her job cut out for her. Hilary and Finn must find out who murdered the gold digging American floozy and do before anymore of their suspects wind up dead as well. 

PLAYING THE INNOCENT – Original air date 3/9/14 Episode 15 of The Hilary Caine Mysteries. Hilary Caine is on holiday in the Bahamas without a single dead body in sight… almost. She's got one deceased British diplomat and far too many people confessing to the murder.

KERIDES, THE THINKER – THE WALKING DEAD –- Original air date 11/17/13 Episode Thirteen of the "Kerides, the Thinker." Do the dead walk, can the dead walk and will the dead walk? The answer is no according to our favorite young Greek scholar/detective.  However, he may have to do a bit of a rethink on that after he has dealings with what appear to be several animated corpses.

KINCAID –– DEAD IN THE WATER –- Original air date 2/16/14 Episode 45 of "The Strangeseeker." An infestation of an extraterrestrial nature traps the Strangeseeker and others aboard a research ship and there's a time bomb about to go off. On top of which there's no chance of escape.

TREASURE TROVE –- Original air date 7/21/13 The IC building is gone along with the IC, Kincaid, Shelly and Biggie now work for Miskatonic University and their first case takes them to Oregon and the investigation into a dangerous pair of …glasses?         

MOVIES FOR YOUR MIND –- 4 STRANGERS, 4 STORIES, 1 LIE –- Original air date 3/17/13 If someone pointed out several strangers to you, you'd no doubt think you had nothing intimately in common with them, but that may not be the case. It's just possible, that unknowingly you all share the same secret, and that same secret may have led to murder.

ALLIANCE IN BLOOD –- Original air date 9/26/93 A series of killings in a small Colorado town brings TV reporters, with one finding out more than is safe...for someone! Featuring "WKRP in Cincinnati" star Richard Sanders.

THE AMBER ROOM HUNTERS PART ONE –- Original air date 9/22/13 In WWII the famed Amber Room, often considered the 8th Wonder of the World, was stolen by the Nazis and has never been seen again. Since then over 3,000 theories as to its whereabouts have circulated, one of them was too intriguing not to follow. Four hunters head into the Amazonian Jungle to see if Nazi's fleeing the end of WWII took the room made of Amber and semi-precious gems with them.

THE AMBER ROOM HUNTERS PART TWO –- Original air date 5/12/13 The hunt for the famous lost 8th wonder of the modern world heatS up and things get nasty in the conclusion of this exciting adventure that's a cross between Indiana Jones and … well you be the judge.

THE BLUE VELVET BOX –- Original air date 5/29/09 Sometimes the greatest gift comes in the smallest package, from the most unlikely source.

BUM STEER –- Original air date 9/17/95 Is a company CEO developing a bad case of paranoia or does a street person really know his firms deepest secrets?

POWER FAILURE –- Original air date 9/15/02 Two men are trapped in an elevator during a thunderstorm, a claustrophobic U.S. Marshall and his handcuffed captive.  

THE CUBICLE –- Original air date 9/18/94 A timid office worker is terrified by what happens to him whenever he sits down to work in his tiny new cubicle. Featuring Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati."

WHAT THE PLUMBER FOUND –- Original air date 2/10/13 Never put off tomorrow what you should do today or the consequences may be more disturbing then expected… much more disturbing.

DUCKING THE RAIN –- Original air date 3/26/06 A special double length mystery set in Los Angeles of the 1940's with lots of noir type guys, dolls, wisecracks and a private dick named Austin Healy.

THE MERLE OBERON NEGLIGEE –- Original air date 9/29/96 Only in Hollywood. An out of work movie studio costume dresser sets out to steal the bedroom garment worn in Kathy's death bed scene from the 1939 film classic "Wuthering Heights."

RAFFLES – A DIAMOND FOR THE DEAD  –- Original air date 10/23/05 In this tale of multiple deceptions, Raffles, THE Gentleman Thief and Bunny resort to somewhat desperate measures requiring them to attempt a theft almost before the eyes of Inspector Mackenzie.

SHERLOCK HOLMES – THE POET OF DEATH - Original air date 3/8/98 The first episode of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring John Gilbert as the Great Detective. Holmes and Watson try to find out if the strange death of their client was an accident or murder.

 THE ADVENTURE OF THE BLIND MAN - Original air date 7/12/98 A pair of Grecian urns and a murdered thief leads Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to a plot to overthrow the British government.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE MISSING LINK - Original air date 11/16/00 This is John Gilbert's last appearance as Sherlock Holmes. A distraught woman seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in clearing her husband of a murder charge.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE RELECTANT HOST - Original air date 12/15/13 Episode 113 of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes In March of 1881 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson decoded to share rooms at 221B Baker Street, now it's December of that year and the two are about to celebrate their first Christmas under that roof. Or are they? They're still fairly new at this roommate business and the murder of an old friend could be the straw that breaks the camels back.

THE CASE OF UNFINISHED BUSINESS - Original air date 3/16/14 Episode 114 of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It's May of 1891 and Dr. Watson is grieving the death of his friend Sherlock Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland however, Holmes is not dead, as the world will find out in three years time, but he has a bit of business to take care before he leaves London. A bit of business involving his friend and biographer John H. Watson

THE DARK CHAMBER - Original air date 2/27/00 Even in the 19thstalkers were problems for famous stars of the theatre. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must locate a mysterious masked man who is terrifying a well know actress.

THE EDISON SENDER - Original air date 3/25/01 Mycroft Holmes enlists the aid of Dr. Watson for some unusual undercover work.

THE FERRERS ENGINE - Original air date 6/13/13 Episode 110 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Why would anyone want to steal the plans for and murder the inventor of a new engine that can't possibly work? Holmes and Watson must take a train ride to find out.

THE MISSING THREE QUARTER - Original air date 9/29/13 Episode 40 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" Holmes has investigated many strange mysteries over the years, but the disappearance of a star Ruby player just before the big game sounds like something out of a bad melodrama. However, as he and Watson are to discover this case has a deeper and ultimately sadder resolution then anyone could have first imagined.

THE NAVAL TREATY - Original air date 1/26/14 Episode 41 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle listed as one of his favorites of the 60 stories he wrote about the Great Detective. Holmes and Watson called in to discover what has happened to an important document before its loss drives a man insane.

THE RAGWORT PUZZLE - Original air date 3/26/00 Sherlock Holmes andDr.Watson are asked to investigate a bank robbery where the thief committed the crime without entering the bank.

THE SECRET OF THE FIVES - Original air date 11/29/98 Episode seven in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" The American government asks Holmes to find out who is threatening to destroy Congress and assassinate President McKinley. Starring John Gilbert a Holmes. Guest starring Russell (The Professor) Johnson from "Gilligan's Island."

SILVER BLAZE - Original air date 2/23/13 Episode Forty-two of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." One of the top ten of the original Conan Doyle stories and the one that asks the famous question about"… the curious incident of the dog in the night."

THE TERRIBLE TRAGEDY AT LYTTON HOUSE - Original air date 11/24/13 Episode 112 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." The mysterious disappearance of a young boy, a stolen painting and tragic desperation all conspire to bring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson into the world of a thief and an insane killer.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE PRIORY SCHOOL - Original air date 7/2/13 Episode 39 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." On of the best-known stories from the original canon, this is tale of tragic loyalty, unreasonable jealousy and foolish pride all of which lead to murder and kidnapping.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE PROFLIGATE'S PLEA - Original air date 10/20/13 Episode 111 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Sherlock Holmes has been challenged many, many times but never by a murder victim. The dead man, in a letter to Holmes, is convinced that the Great Detective will have met his match with this one.

THE WOMAN FROM VIRGINIA - Original air date 8/2/98 An American heiress is kidnapped and Sherlock Holmes is engaged to find her. Starring John Gilbert as Holmes.


THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE JOHN GILBERT COLLECTION                                                                                                          In 1998 when we decided to produce a new series of Sherlock Holmes audio dramas we had one name at the top of our list to play Holmes, Mr. John Gilbert, And we were correct in our choice. In a little over two years John made the role his with a resonant, decisive approach to the part. Sadly due to ill health he was forced to retire from acting in 2000. However, he left a legacy of fine performances as the Great Detective and here, for the first time in any collection are all 18 of his adventures as the world's first and finest consulting detective. Plus a Doctor Watson adventure never before released on CD. 


CHAPTER NINE: WEEKEND IN HEAVEN - it's March 1945 and we find our boy taking his first vacation in quite a while. The best part is a client of Harry's sometime lawyer Marvin Asher is picking up the whole tab. That is good, isn't it? Sure it is, if you don't mind walking into your room to find a battered and bruised drunken female on your bed.

CHAPTER TEN: FIFTEEN YEARS LATER - The time is June 1944 and following the events of Chapter 3, "D-Day Minus One" Harry is still in England waiting to get a flight home. However, he isn't bored. He manages to get himself involved with murder, treason and a former "girl" detective. Oh yeah, he also meets an aged consulting detective, a reformed, for the duration, gentleman thief and a nut job who says he is a seeker of the strange and unusual. With over 7 minutes of material never heard before this special double length story celebrates 15 years of Imagination Theatre broadcasts and features guest stars John Patrick Lowrie, Terry Rose, John Armstrong, Ellen McLain and Karen Heaven.


CHAPTER ELEVEN: SECRET MISSION - December 1941 the first wartime Christmas for the USA since 1917, just weeks after surprise attack on Pearl Harbor; Harry agrees to take on a domestic surveillance case because there might be a slim chance he'd be helping the war effort. How, he's not sure and why should modified B-25 bombers have anything to do with it?
CHAPTER TWELVE: A MINOR DETAIL - It's late 1944, the allies are pushing the Germans back across Europe toward Germany; Japan is faring no better. In Los Angeles Harry Nile is still working to keep his agency alive while working at a defense plant during the week. His new case is a puzzler, why would anybody steal a vintage car that stands out like a newborn baby in a retirement home.


We've set the dates for our Live Recording session at The Kirkland Performance Center for all of 2015 and part of 2016

2015: July 13th, September 28th and November 16th.

2016: January 18th, March 14h, May 16th and July 11th 


Sets Number 4 of The Adventures of Harry NIle and The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are Now Available as CDs or a Download __________________________________________________________________

Sirius/XM has Dropped Book Radio?

Some sad news has come our way for those of you who have been listening to us over the Sirius/XM satellite radio system, as of July 15th  Book Radio has been dropped and Imagination Theatre, Harry Nile, Sherlock Holmes and the rest of our gang will no longer be broadcast. We'll still be around just no longer on their system. To help us get over this loss please send dark chocolate.


M. J. Eilliott has just published a collection of scripts for both the Further Adventures and the Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a total of 11 in all. Its full of behind the scenes tidbits and the reader gets a real sense of what it takes to write for us. The Sherlock Holmes Society reviewed it thus: M J Elliott contributed his first script in 2003 and is now one of the most prolific and intelligent writers in the field. If you ve ever listened to a radio play and asked yourself, How did they do that? or even, Why did they do that? You'll love Sherlock Holmes on the Air. Source: Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Look for it on Amazon.


If Harry Nile's partner Murphy ever wrote a book what type do you would think it would be? Well, no need to wonder because she has written one, or rather May Anne Dorward the actror who plays Murphy has and it's one we here at JFP think would a great addition to anyone's personal library. It's call "Words to Thrive By" check it out on Amazon or go to Mary Anne's website at


We are now acceptng Paypal as a way to pay for all of your orders. So for those of you who aren't comfortable using your credit cards to order online here's a way that fast and easy.


John Patrick Lowrie (Sherlock Holmes) has a new book out called "Dancing With Eternity." It's his first novel and for those who love Science Fiction based on possible probabilities with a dash of swashbuckling and moral concepts that will stir a response in every reader, this is a must read. Check it out on

Description: What would happen if Odysseus met Captain Ahab in the Fortieth Century? Only Captain Ahab is a beautiful woman named Steel who owns her own starship, and Odysseus is an unemployed actor named Mohandas who's stuck on the backside of a backwater moon because he won't pay his taxes. Everybody almost everybody lives forever, and there's a telepathic Internet that allows the entire population of the galaxy to communicate at will and even experience the world from another person's perspective

New Collections




All new items are available as CDs and downloads.

And the New Voice of Murphy is...? Mary Anne Dorward!

Mary Anne Dorward

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley Mary Anne has been a professional actress on stage, television and radio since she was 17. Her career has taken her from appearances on Broadway, Television and regional theatre to our microphones, appearing for the last 13 years as the voice of Dr. Watson' beloved wife Mary. Recently we were proud to announce her casting as the new voice of "Murphy" in our long running Private Detective series "The Adventures of Harry Nile." However, she is more then just a fine actor. Mary Anne is a veteran of the National Speakers Association, Global Speakers Federation, a speaker, author, coach, award-winning radio host and cancer survivor. She is committed to being a positive influence in the lives, organizations and companies she touches through her speaking and writing. She has coached leaders in the business and the not-for-profit communities to help them both gain visibility and raise millions of dollars.

Mary Anne's 10 year commitment to making the world a better place through her company, My Real Voice, extends beyond working with professionals to further their bottom line. She knows that the most important speech many of us give is a toast at a wedding, a eulogy, or for a dinner with friends. Mary Anne delights in working on projects of all scales, helping everyday speeches become extraordinary ones. Her new book "Words To Thrive By - Powerful Storied Of Courage and Hope" is set for a January 2012 release. Her website is

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