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THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE JOHN GILBERT COLLECTION                                                                                                          In 1998 when we decided to produce a new series of Sherlock Holmes audio dramas we had one name at the top of our list to play Holmes, Mr. John Gilbert, And we were correct in our choice. In a little over two years John made the role his with a resonant, decisive approach to the part. Sadly due to ill health he was forced to retire from acting in 2000. However, he left a legacy of fine performances as the Great Detective and here, for the first time in any collection are all 18 of his adventures as the world's first and finest consulting detective. Plus a Doctor Watson adventure never before released on CD. 


CHAPTER NINE: WEEKEND IN HEAVEN - it's March 1945 and we find our boy taking his first vacation in quite a while. The best part is a client of Harry's sometime lawyer Marvin Asher is picking up the whole tab. That is good, isn't it? Sure it is, if you don't mind walking into your room to find a battered and bruised drunken female on your bed.

CHAPTER TEN: FIFTEEN YEARS LATER - The time is June 1944 and following the events of Chapter 3, "D-Day Minus One" Harry is still in England waiting to get a flight home. However, he isn't bored. He manages to get himself involved with murder, treason and a former "girl" detective. Oh yeah, he also meets an aged consulting detective, a reformed, for the duration, gentleman thief and a nut job who says he is a seeker of the strange and unusual. With over 7 minutes of material never heard before this special double length story celebrates 15 years of Imagination Theatre broadcasts and features guest stars John Patrick Lowrie, Terry Rose, John Armstrong, Ellen McLain and Karen Heaven.


CHAPTER ELEVEN: SECRET MISSION - December 1941 the first wartime Christmas for the USA since 1917, just weeks after surprise attack on Pearl Harbor; Harry agrees to take on a domestic surveillance case because there might be a slim chance he'd be helping the war effort. How, he's not sure and why should modified B-25 bombers have anything to do with it?
CHAPTER TWELVE: A MINOR DETAIL - It's late 1944, the allies are pushing the Germans back across Europe toward Germany; Japan is faring no better. In Los Angeles Harry Nile is still working to keep his agency alive while working at a defense plant during the week. His new case is a puzzler, why would anybody steal a vintage car that stands out like a newborn baby in a retirement home.



We've set the dates for our Live Recording session at The Kirkland Performance Center for all of 2014 and part of 2015

2014:  May 26th, July 14th, September 29th and November 17th.

2015: January 19th, March 16th,  and May 18th.


Mrs. Hudson No More

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the passing of our beloved Lee Paasch, know too many of you as Mrs. Hudson for over fifteen years. Yet as with many who play a long running role she was far more:

Theatre had been part of Lee's life since early childhood, when she hid under the hall table to listen to her parents and their theatre group rehearsing in the living room, played Grumpy in "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" at age 7, and hid under the covers with her radio to listen to "Fibber McGee and Molly" etc. after bedtime. A University of Nebraska graduate with a degree in Drama, she had acted in many productions there and in the Midwest, taught drama, directed for Stanley Kramer's Drama School for three years at Bellevue Community College, and directed numberless plays in Seattle area theatres. She taught "Acting for Adults" classes at Carco Theatre in Renton, WA, ,and served on a municipal arts commission. Lee first performed in a Jim French radio show in the 1970's. "The great scripts, wonderful people involved in the tapings, and manipulating the voice to play various roles make performing in Imagination Theatre pure joy!" she said. In 1998 She began her long run as Mrs. Hudson, over 15 years ago, that made her the longest running actor in that part in the history of English language radio. Lee passed away from colon cancer on November 29, 2013.

She was adored by all who knew her and she made the world a better place.


Some Changes for 2014 

 We are no longer offering the 2 CD volumes 1 – 26 or the single CD volume 27 of The History of Harry Nile as hard copies. The volumes will still be available as downloads.

 The same will be true for the single CD volumes 1 - 6 of The Adventures of Harry Nile.

 The 16 single CD volumes of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

 The 6 single CD volumes of The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

 The 4 single CD volumes of The Hilary Caine Mysteries and

 The 4 single CD volumes of Raffles, the Gentleman Thief

 All are still be available as downloads and in their multi CD sets.


39 New shows have been added to the Single Episode Download Page

CRISIS –-            ULTERIOR MOTIVE – Original Air Date 10/27/77 Every major crime attracts any number of sad people who confess to it. But what if one these criminal wannabes actually did break the law, would anybody believe it?                            

HARRY NILE –  BAD BLOOD – Original air date 11/11/12 You know there's an old saying, and if there isn't there should be, going to you high reunion is like opening a bottle of milk that's past its prime, it may look all right but the smell just might kill you. Harry Nile is going to remind Murphy of this the next time she invites him to one of her graduation class get together.

 THE BIG KISS OFF – Original air date 7/15/12 This is the one Harry Nile fans have been asking for… or is it? Our boy and Murphy may finally have decided to go to the next level in their long-standing partnership. She's calling him "lover" and he's not backing away when she gets too close. All we can tell you is it's not a dream or a con to catch a crook.  

BLOOD ON THE SNOW – Original air date 5/19/13 Harry Nile doesn't like snow or winter sports or being cold, so what is he doing up in the mountains on skis trying not get killed by running into a tree or a bullet.

THE CASE OF THE INTERSTATE STALKER – Original air date 9/19/04 Harry Nile plays a dangerous game when he comes to the aid of his sister Angie as she tries to outrun the unwanted attentions of a madman.

 EIGHTY MILES OF BAD ROAD– Original air date 3/10/13 Episode 251 of The Adventures of Harry Nile. In the life of a private investigator there are good months and bad, but when the bad months outnumber the good then a P. I. might be financially forced to take on a case without getting enough information regarding what's expected of him. So that why Harry Nile finds himself running through the woods with a waitress and a nebbish trying to out run two guys with guns.

HARRY A TREE AND A KID – Original air date 11/11/12 Christmas 1949 Los Angeles California. Why on earth would somebody steal a Christmas tree from a public library and how does Harry Nile end up chasing a hit man when Murphy asks him to find the stolen tree?

HUSH MONEY – Original air date 4/7/96 Harry Nile thinks blackmail is an ugly word and that blackmailers are not his kind of people. This case proves his point and may cost him his life.

IT'S COMPLICATED – Original air date 4/22/13 Harry Nile has a problem. He's hired to prove that his new client didn't kill a guy who ripped him off and our boy thinks the client is complete jerk. Not only that he's convinced he may have actually done the dirty deed. What to do?

KEY TO MURDER – Original air date 9/8/02 The story of Harry Nile's very first case as a private investigator in Chicago.

ITS KIND OF A FUNNY STORY – Original air date 9/9/12 It's the return of everybody's favorite Australian P. I. Charlene Mitchell. She's sort of hiding from the Aussie law in Harry Nile's office and helping him with a murder case and his least welcomed Seattle cop, Meeker. Guest starring Terry (Strangeseeker) Rose and Karen (Hilary Caine) Heaven

THE MOXIE SISTERS – Original air date 1/27/13 When you're Harry Nile and you're down with a bad cold one mother hen is bad enough but two could drive our boy to the hospital for some peace and quiet. Throw in the possibility that a dissatisfied client may be out gunning for, in the literal sense, Seattle's hard luck P. I. and you've got an evening that would make professional wrestling look tame.

THE NAZI NEXT DOOR – Original air date 10/14/12 Chapter 14 of War Comes to Harry Nile. It's December 1941, a little over two weeks since Pearl Harbor and Hitler's declaration of war against the US, but has the Fuhrer been laying the groundwork for an American invasion for quite some time? Harry Nile's new client thinks so and that his next-door neighbor is in the advanced force.

VENDETTA – Original air date 2/17/13 This is the 250th episode of The Adventures of Harry Nile. Harry's used to finding clients waiting for him when he comes to work, but finding one sitting in his office chair with a bullet hole in him is a bit out of the ordinary. Ulric Dihle from Kerides, the Thinker guest stars.

HILARY CAINE –  AS I LIVE AND BREATHE – Original air date 11/18/12 Episode Thirteen of the "The Hilary Caine Mysteries." This is the first case for Hilary where the only British accent is hers. Our Girl Detective is in the states shortly after the end of W. W. 2 on a mission for the British War Department, no murder or mayhem involved. Right, who are we kidding, this is a Hilary Caine story, so somebody has to end up murdered by person or persons unknown. 

KERIDES, THE THINKER – BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE A CRIME –- Original air date 12/9/12 Episode 11 of Kerides, the Thinker. Adrea has found her mother and now wants information on her father, however, there are some dangerous people who want make certain she never gets it.

THE MOTHER OF ALL CRIMES –- Original air date 9/16/12 Episode ten of Kerides, the Thinker. It's a time of change for our young Greek crime solver and the former slave Adrea. They've found love together and she may have found her mother. Unfortunately she may also have lost her in the same day since Mom has been arrested for murder.

KINCAID –– BEGINNING OF THE BEGINNING –- Original air date 10/28/12 Episode 43 of Kincaid, the Strangeseeker and after this special double length story nothing will ever be the same for the folks at IC. There's a lot in this one, the lost continent of Atlantis, the dead killing the living, crushing murders by an invisible force and possible end of an era. You won't want to miss it.

THE GREEN MAN –- Original air date 10/28/12 A nice vacation in ye olde English village seems just the thing for Michael and Shelly until an old legend decides to add them to its menu.

MOVIES FOR YOUR MIND –- ANGEL RAIN –- Original air date 9/30/12 Ever wonder if there may be a celestial problem regarding the names of certain products? Think maybe Old Scratch may not be too happy with a little item call a "Dirt Devil"? Well, this little story may give you some insight into the question.

BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD –- Original air date 9/29/91 When it's your time to die, there's no getting away from it…or is there? This is the story of a man who missed his appointment with death and would like to keep it that way.

BLIND FLIGHT –- Original air date 3/24/93 You're the pilot of a small private plane and you've suddenly had a heart attack. This leaves the landing of the craft to the only other person aboard, your young daughter, who's blind.  

FINDING CHARLESTOWN –- Original air date 5/12/13 What could be more fun for a brand new bride then to spend her honeymoon in the desert looking for a ghost town? How about sticking her finger in a light socket. As it turns out that would have been a lot safer.

INCIDENT AT CROFTON WELLS –- Original air date 6/20/99 Two American women visit an English village in search of an ancient ancestor and discover a legacy of evil that may not be dead.

LIFE LIKE A FAIR –- Original air date 8/15/04 Award winning writer Sandra Cropsy made her Imagination Theater debut with a script that explores the lonely desperation of a social outsider and what lengths he will go to protect those he loves.

PERFECT LIKENESS –- Original air date 12/18/94 Does vanity live on after death? An artist paints a portrait of two young girls that may or may not settle the question.

PHOENIX RISING – TONIGHT'S SPECIAL, MURDER –- Original air date 4/28/13 Tonight we begin another intermittent mystery series called "Phoenix Rising" by Curtis Takahashi. The stories take place in modern day Phoenix Arizona, and involve the Homicide investigations of two of the city's finest, Detective Dena Rising and her partner Detective Ross Duarte. In this week's story the murder of a young college student takes the spotlight.

RAFFLES – LEVIATHAN WITH A HOOK  –- Original air date 6/24/12 Episode 17 of "Raffles, the Gentleman Thief." When your suspected of being the premier society burglar of age isn't it somewhat natural that your main nemesis might come to you for advice when a gigantic steam crane is stolen? Makes sense to Inspector Mackenzie, or could he have another, darker reason?

SHERLOCK HOLMES – THE ABERNETTY TRANSACTION - Original air date 9/30/12 Episode 106 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." One of the oddest mysteries ever undertaken by Holmes and Watson, a family four come to London on business and apparently vanish. To Holmes the most important clue is the depth to which the parsley sank in the butter.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE IRREGULAR CLIENT - Original air date 4/14/13 Episode 109 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." In this special double length episode we celebrate 15 years of the adventures of Holmes and Watson on Imagination Theatre. A former member of the Baker Street Irregulars is accused of Murder and who better to help prove HER then her former mentor. However, there's something about her that troubles the Greta Detective. 

THE ADVENTURE OF THE THIRD CRATE - Original air date 12/23/12 Episode 108 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."  The sitting room of 221B Baker Street has seen many clients of all walks of life pass through it door but rarely has there been one who had such an aura about her or left such a some … aroma when she left. However, all can be forgiven since she brought a Holmes a mystery of murder and stolen gold. Guest Starring Zoaunne LeRoy.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE TIRED CAPTAIN - Original air date 10/21/12 Episode 107 of The "Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Holmes' s new client is actually not that new, its Doctor Watson's wife Mary and she's come to the great detective to prove a friend of hers innocent of murder. Oh, and he can't tell Watson she's hired him.

THE ADVENTURE OF BLACK PETER - Original air date 11/25/12 Episode 35 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." What kind of a man can drive a harpoon completely thru his victim with such strength that the point of the weapon in sunk several inches deep into a wall? Would he be a big man or filled with such rage that he becomes a superman?

 THE PROBLEM OF THOR BRIDGE - Original air date 7/9/12 Episode 34 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Sir Arthur out did himself when it comes to the solution of this classic story of murder and hatred. Who killed the wife of one of the worlds richest mendid that man do every thing he could to make his spouse hate him?  

 THE QUARTERMAINE CURSE - Original air date 2/14/99 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate the strange death of an English archeologist. Was it murder, or a curse? John Gilbert stars as Holmes and featuring Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati"

THE ADVENTURE OF THE RED CIRCLE - Original air date 3/31/13 Episode 37 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A mysterious lodger who only writes one word instructions, a kidnapped landlord and the shadowy presence of one of the most dangerous men on the European continent constitute one of the most unusual cases ever investigated by Holmes and Watson.

A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA - Original air date 6/7/12 Episode 33 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." "To Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler will always be "the woman". In his eyes she eclipsed and predominated the whole of her sex." So says Doctor Watson in the opening of this the first and possibly most of the short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Listen and find out why.

THE SECOND STAIN - Original air date 2/24/13 Episode Thirty-six of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Holmes and Watson have two missions; find a stolen document of national importance and protect the identity of the thief.

THE SIX NAPOLEONS - Original air date 5/26/13 Episode 38 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Can someone have such hatred of Napoleon Bonaparte that he or she is willing to invade private homes just to be able to destroy plaster busts of the Little Corporal and, perhaps, commit murder? 


Our Next Live Recording Session Will be Monday, January 27th


Sets Number 3 of The Adventures of Harry NIle and The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are Now Available as CDs or a Download __________________________________________________________________

Sirius/XM has Dropped Book Radio?

Some sad news has come our way for those of you who have been listening to us over the Sirius/XM satellite radio system, as of July 15th  Book Radio has been dropped and Imagination Theatre, Harry Nile, Sherlock Holmes and the rest of our gang will no longer be broadcast. We'll still be around just no longer on their system. To help us get over this loss please send dark chocolate.


M. J. Eilliott has just published a collection of scripts for both the Further Adventures and the Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a total of 11 in all. Its full of behind the scenes tidbits and the reader gets a real sense of what it takes to write for us. The Sherlock Holmes Society reviewed it thus: M J Elliott contributed his first script in 2003 and is now one of the most prolific and intelligent writers in the field. If you ve ever listened to a radio play and asked yourself, How did they do that? or even, Why did they do that? You'll love Sherlock Holmes on the Air. Source: Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Look for it on Amazon.


If Harry Nile's partner Murphy ever wrote a book what type do you would think it would be? Well, no need to wonder because she has written one, or rather May Anne Dorward the actror who plays Murphy has and it's one we here at JFP think would a great addition to anyone's personal library. It's call "Words to Thrive By" check it out on Amazon or go to Mary Anne's website at



We are now acceptng Paypal as a way to pay for all of your orders. So for those of you who aren't comfortable using your credit cards to order online here's a way that fast and easy.


John Patrick Lowrie (Sherlock Holmes) has a new book out called "Dancing With Eternity." It's his first novel and for those who love Science Fiction based on possible probabilities with a dash of swashbuckling and moral concepts that will stir a response in every reader, this is a must read. Check it out on

Description: What would happen if Odysseus met Captain Ahab in the Fortieth Century? Only Captain Ahab is a beautiful woman named Steel who owns her own starship, and Odysseus is an unemployed actor named Mohandas who's stuck on the backside of a backwater moon because he won't pay his taxes. Everybody almost everybody lives forever, and there's a telepathic Internet that allows the entire population of the galaxy to communicate at will and even experience the world from another person's perspective

New Collections




All new items are available as CDs and downloads.

And the New Voice of Murphy is...? Mary Anne Dorward!

Mary Anne Dorward

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley Mary Anne has been a professional actress on stage, television and radio since she was 17. Her career has taken her from appearances on Broadway, Television and regional theatre to our microphones, appearing for the last 13 years as the voice of Dr. Watson' beloved wife Mary. Recently we were proud to announce her casting as the new voice of "Murphy" in our long running Private Detective series "The Adventures of Harry Nile." However, she is more then just a fine actor. Mary Anne is a veteran of the National Speakers Association, Global Speakers Federation, a speaker, author, coach, award-winning radio host and cancer survivor. She is committed to being a positive influence in the lives, organizations and companies she touches through her speaking and writing. She has coached leaders in the business and the not-for-profit communities to help them both gain visibility and raise millions of dollars.

Mary Anne's 10 year commitment to making the world a better place through her company, My Real Voice, extends beyond working with professionals to further their bottom line. She knows that the most important speech many of us give is a toast at a wedding, a eulogy, or for a dinner with friends. Mary Anne delights in working on projects of all scales, helping everyday speeches become extraordinary ones. Her new book "Words To Thrive By - Powerful Storied Of Courage and Hope" is set for a January 2012 release. Her website is





Regarding Apps:

We have talked and talked and talked about the possibility of an App for our site. We've looked at the pros (of which there are many) and we've looked at the cons and even though there are fewer cons, they outway the pros.

And then we discovered QR codes. We will be slowly altering our printed materials, i.e. cd inserts and brochures, etc. to contain this handy little code so that you can simply scan it with your smartphone or tablet device and have it in your history to easily look up what we're doing at Jim French Productions.

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