• By: kevin Hitchcock
    Harry Nile has it all mystery humor love interest with Murphy that Harry doesn't admit just awesome show done excellent! ! I listen while driving truck very entertaining.
  • By: Clinton Hoerner
    The is the complete set of Harry Nile episodes that Phil Harper recorded before his passing in 2004. I use a CPAP machine at night and listen to Harry do his thing. It takes 5 nights to cover the set. JFP does excellent shows. Thanks to all.
  • By: Linda Franco
    I have volumes 1-27 of the History of Harry Nile and love it! I used to listen on Sunday nights, hoping to hear Harry on the Mystery Theatre. When the cassettes were available in the 1990's, I ordered several of those. The quality was OK, but wears out. When they became available on CD, I bought all of them as they became available and listen to them all the time. No matter how many times I listen to a story, I still enjoy it. I listen while baking cookies, while driving, or just while relaxing. Harry is an every day, Joe average guy, gutting out a living as a PI, eventually landing in Seattle due to a case, and stays here. Some of the comments about earlier Seattle landmarks are priceless - the Trianon Ballroom, the LC Smith Tower "the tallest building west of Chicago", Fillipi's Records on Capitol Hill, etc. It reminds me of things my mom used to talk about. Harry is also very self deprecating, in one episode saying "Honey, I'm almost not smart enough to be a detective"! Very enjoyable stories, all the characters are realistic, Murphy, Dutcher, Lou Butterfield, Mr. Osterman and the gang will entertain and keep you company. By the end of the first CD, you'll feel like you're with old friends! I highly and enthusiastically recommend ALL of the Harry Niles, and the newer ones with Larry Albert are good, too!
  • By: Alan R. Monahan
    I became enchanted with 'New' productions of radio plays and the on-going 'Adventures of Harry Nile", featuring Phil Harper. THIS is radio, as we remember it! I Have since purchased the complete Harry Nile collections,as they became available. The production values are of the highest quality; the scripts are beleiveable & the actors provide life into their chaarcters. I Even bought the "New series" featuring Larry Albert! The voice difference between the late Mr. Harper & Mr. Albert is seemless. My grand-kids (12-15) will actually sit & listen to 2 or more stories.

    Thank You, for bringing back quality radio plays.