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5 Classic Harry Nile Episodes

Volume Nineteen:

  1. THE JOHN DOE MURDERS - Harry can't place a stranger who approaches him in a restaurant and he needs to; while he's talking to him the guy is murdered.

  2. THE CASE OF THE COMPROMISED COP - Usually the police want our boy to stay out of their way, this time Harry's hired by a cop to catch the bad guy instead of the boys in blue.

  3. BACKFIRE - A Christmas season kidnapping pits Harry against an adversary who seems to know his every move.

  4. BULLETPROOF - In a story taken from real life; Harry's client is a street cop whose partner is murdered. Harry doesn't want the case; he can't shake the feeling he's setting up another killing.

  5. MURDER BY THE BOOK - In this special double length episode Harry's hired by a famous Seattle crime novelist charged with the murder of her ex-husband, whom she publicly refers to as the "snake." She has motive, method, opportunity and no alibi.


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