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On January 1, 1976, Harry Nile went on the air for the first time over KVI, Seattle in a play called "West For My Health", in which Harry spent a very unhappy New Year's Eve of 1939. December of 1976, the second Harry Nile aired, and a series was born. On this Seventeenth volume are Five more of his adventures, in the correct chronological order as he "lived" them. Harry ends 1954 with a murder and the kidnapping of 1940's radio star's wife and starts 1955 with a double killing, homicide in a hospital and an investigation for the "girl next door.

Disc #1

TEN PERCENT OF NOTHING - It's the dieing days of network radio and Harry opens his case files to one of the last radio detectives and ... death.

FINDING PORTLAND - Network radio or rather one of it's former stars take center stage in this double length tale of kidnapping and faded glory as Harry meets Fred Allen and Portland Hoffa .

Disc #2

BODY OF WORK - The closest Harry usually gets to academia is the "Mr. Wizard" TV show. However, this doesn't keep him from being hired to find out who stole the vital records from the files of a dead academic. It also doesn't keep him from being shot at.

THE CASE OF THE SLEEPING WITNESS - People die in hospitals all the time but one death leads directly to Murphy's commitment of a serious felony.

THE TWO FREDDIES - Is the "girl next door," Cynthia Geary of 'Northern Exposure,' a thief or a bigamist? Harry'd like to know, so would the police.

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