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  • West For My Health (Double Length)
  • Seattle Blues
  • Dead Ringer
  • For This I Bought a New Suit
  • The Doomsday Book
  • The Twenty-three Pound Clue
  • Stand-in For Murder
  • Avalon
  • Vacation With Bullets
  • Figueroa Street
  • The Case of the Matinee Murder
  • The Black Widow
  • The Wandering Wife Matter
  • Harry Dabbles in Oil
  • The Twenty Dollar Track Down
  • A Little Out of Town Job
  • The Lonely Ghost Matter
  • Calendar Girl
  • Angel’s Flight
  • The Case of the Lisping Lover
  • The Neptune Trading Company
  • Malibu
  • Photo Finish


So you've been buying the Harry Nile CDs for the past couple of years and you've got family and friends coveting your collection. Here's your chance to give them their very own compilation, at a savings or to do a quick catch up on what you have. Jim French Productions is offering the first twelve volumes of Harry Nile in 3 Boxed Sets of 8 CDs each.

Each case holds 8 CDs – that's four volumes of Harry Nile, between 20-24 episodes each – and sells for $49.95. If you were to purchase the double-CD volumes individually, four volumes would total $63.80, this is your chance to give people on your gift list what they want, and save money too!

  • Boxed set 1 contains Volumes 1 thru 4 of The History of Harry Nile, starring Phil Harper and Pat French. These 23 episodes take Harry from December 1939 to Winter of 1942.
  • Boxed set 2 contains Volumes 5 thru 8 of The History of Harry Nile and takes America's favorite P.I. from December 24, 1942 through October 1950 in 22 episodes.
  • Boxed set 3 contains Volumes 9 thru 12 of The History of Harry Nile with another 23 episodes seeing Harry from October 1950 through to the Summer of 1952.
  • Boxed set 4 contains Volumes 13 thru 16 of The History of Harry Nile with another 24 episodes seeing Harry from August 1952 to the Winter of 1954.
  • Boxed set 5 contains Volumes 17 thru 20 of The History of Harry Nile with another 21 episodes seeing Harry from Winter of 1954 to April of 1956

These hard-shelled cases measure 7-1/2" high x 5-1/4" deep and 1" wide, or roughly the size of a paperback book or video. Not only to they fit easily on your book or DVD shelf; but the self-locking cases make it easy to transport your favorite stories.

Want Your Own Cases?

What if you've been collecting all 12 of the Harry volumes and wish you could have these same cases? We've thought about that and are happy to offer empty hard-shelled cases (with the same inserts as the boxed sets) to you at: $9.95 each. Just let us know which one you would like: Case 1 for Volumes 1-4, Case 2 for Volumes 5-8 or Case 3 for Volumes 9-12.

Also Available as MP3 Download:

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    By: Tim Peterson December 04, 2015
    Members of my family have enjoyed the Harry Nile adventures for decades, originally discovered on the radio, but now listened repeatedly to on cd's as well. Unfortunately we never saw Phil Harper perform a live recording, but we have seen Larry Albert twice and it was a lot of fun. I highly recommend the cd's and if ever possible,when in the Seattle area, to catch a live performance recording of a future broadcast. We hope to see our 3rd in 2016.