Hilary Caine Collectors Box Set 2



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The Hilary Caine mysteries Created and written by British author M. J. Elliott and set in the England of the 1930's. Hilary Caine is a young woman with a unique gift for solving crimes. She is employed by the English tabloid "Tittle Tattle Magazine" as their in house "Girl Detective," she solves the crime, they write the story. Portrayed in these full cast dramatizations by talented Australian actress Karen, (car-ren),Heaven as a sort of a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen with an independent attitude, Hilary Caine is an exciting addition to the Jim French Productions universe of first rate modern audio mysteries.

A Multitude of Sins: In this special length episode IT's favorite "girl" detective comes against a man who believes he has committed the perfect murder. Beware the fool who thinks he can outwit a woman on a mission.

A Creature of Habit: Hilary Caine brought along murder, blackmail and a quote from the Sherlock Holmes story "Sliver Blaze" to help her solve this mystery.

Eyewitness to Murder: This time Tittle-Tattle magazine's "Girl Detective" has her job cut out for her. Hilary and Finn must find out who murdered the gold digging American floozy and do before anymore of their suspects wind up dead as well.

Practice to Deceive: On they're way back to London after solving "The Door to Door Murder Case," Hilary and Finn are stopped at the train station and asked to investigate "The Case of the Old Woman Dumped Down a Well With a Bullet Hole in Her Head." Guest starring Richard Sanders from "WKRP in Cincinnati."

Dead to the World: In this special double-length story Hilary has finally come to the attention of British film industry and the filming of "The Adventures of Hilary Caine" is under way. However, someone tries to make the picture a bit too realistic by committing a real murder.

Playing the Innocent: Hilary Caine is on holiday in the Bahamas without a single dead body in sight. almost. She's got one deceased British diplomat and far too many people confessing to the murder.

Truly, Madly Hilary: Tittle-Tattle Magazine's favorite detective is down with a cold so it looks like Inspector Finn is on his own when it comes to solving his latest murder investigation. or is he?

As I Live and Breathe: This is the first case for Hilary where the only British accent is hers. Our "Girl" detective is in the States shortly after W. W. 2 on a mission for the British War Department, no murder or mayhem involves. Right, who are we kidding, this is a Hilary Caine story so somebody has to end up murdered by a person or persons unknown.

Approx. 4 Hrs 22 MInutes


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