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The Greatest of Them All: Sherlock Holmes, the name conjures pictures of gas-lit streets and dark mysteries from a bygone age.  Along with his trusted friend Dr. John H. Watson, Holmes is without doubt the most famous sleuth the world has ever known with countless literary works, stage plays, films, television and radio programs all centering around this icon and spanning over 127 years. And now, with full authorization from the estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle, daughter of Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jim French Productions brings you another 8 episodes from our long running dramatic radio series starring John Patrick Lowrie as Holmes with Lawrence Albert as Dr. Watson


The Lady Sannox Investigation: In this special double-length story Holmes and Watson become involved in the search to find the cause of a young doctor’s sudden and complete decent into total madness.

The Gastein Symphony: A young composer’s guilty conscience, coupled with his love for his gravely ill wife forces him to decide on one of two choices, commit suicide or seek help from Sherlock Holmes.

The Coughing Man: When to take a case and when to turn it down, this is a constant problem for Sherlock Holmes but when he says “no” to the case of the coughing man Dr. Watson decides to take up the problem.

The Adventure of the Borgia Ring: This is a special double-length tale of Sherlock Holmes before he met Watson. A man is found murdered in a boxing ring with a sword in his back? This could be quite a feather in the cap for the young Holmes if he can solve it. Or it could be a career ending defeat.

The Adventure of the Voodoo Curse: From the depths of the Haitian jungle comes the latest foe for the great detective, the likes of which he has never encountered before.

The Mystery of Edelweiss Lodge: In this special double-length adventure Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are brought in to discover the killer of a man who planned his own murder.

The Abernetty Transaction: One of the oddest mysteries ever undertaken by Holmes and Watson, a family four come to London on business and apparently vanish. To Holmes the most important clue is the depth to which the parsley sank in the butter .

The Cursed of Brokenshore: The dead are walking and there appears to be a great many of them. In this new double-length adventure Holmes and Watson are summoned to the seaside village of Brokenshore where several of the graves of the newly buried have been ripped open… from the inside!


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