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On January 1, 1976, Harry Nile went on the air for the first time over KVI, Seattle in a play called "West For My Health", in which Harry spent a very unhappy New Year's Eve of 1939. December of 1976, the second Harry Nile aired, and a series was born. For 28 years the part of Harry was played by Phil Harper. When he passed away in 2004 a decision had to be made whether to kill the series or find a new Harry. After much discussion it was decided to recast the part. Larry Albert was chosen to take over the role with Pat French continuing as Murphy. A new sound and a new team but the same high quality you've come to expect in The Adventures of Harry Nile.

Night of Surprises: Harry Nile is asked to impersonate a missing husband to help his client claim an inheritance. If he says yes he'd be committing fraud, if he says no he could be out a fat fee and right now his bank account is looking like a dieter's hot dog, all skin and no meat. Guest starring 50's TV star Rosemary Rice, film and TV actor and one time voice of the Los Angeles Ram Gil Stratton and film actress Kathryn Grant Crosby.

Deadlier Than the Mail: Here's one of life's basic rules that Harry Nile has just discovered, "never save the life of someone who can't stand you." They'll move Heaven and Earth to balance the books… even if it means getting him killed."

Harry's Game: Harry Nile is hired to find a "dead" man and he'd better hurray up. It looks like the "corpse" may be out killing people.

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