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Sherlock Holmes and the supernatural sounds like a perfect fit. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must have thought so when he wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Sussex Vampires. Or did he? Each of the stories has logical explanations for their otherworldly happenings; in the world of Holmes and Watson ghosts and ghoulies didn't exist. So it has been left to the authors of new Holmes stories to take the Great Detective into cases that deal with the unknown. Scottish master of the macabre, writer Daniel McGachey (They That Dwell in Dark Places, The Shadow in the Stacks and Shalt Thou Know My Name) in his original play The Voice in the Smoke takes the Baker Street duo to a séance conducted by a seer whose skills may equal Holmes. From there the two follow the voice of a dead man who begs them to find his killer. You'll enjoy this feature length (75 Minutes) tale for many days to come. On the 2nd CD you'll find the edited version (48 Min.) that was broadcast on Imagination Theatre. As a special bonus on CD #2 you'll hear The Estonian Countess, a story of Doctor Watson and his adventure with Holmes brother Mycroft.

Disc One - The Voice in the Smoke 75 Minute Feature

Disc Two: - The Voice in the Smoke 48 Minute Broadcast Version

Plus Bonus Story!

The Estonian Countess

MP3 File Size(packaged): 65.1 MB


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