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6 Classic Harry Nile Episodes

Volume Twenty:

  1. KEYS LOUISE - She goes everywhere and knows everything but how can this Skid Road queen help Harry stop the potential murder of dozens of innocent people?

  2. A NUMBER OF FRIENDS - Harry isn't done with Keys Louise, she may be the one to help him find the guys who pulled off one of 1950's Seattle's most daring robberies and identity of friend # 1,165.

  3. THE SUITCASE - In 1947 Harry helped send a Chicago drug lord to prison. He's out now and just maybe he's hired a hit man to off our boy as payback. Larry Albert appears as his own real life grandfather, Vic Unger.

  4. WHO KILLED HARRY NILE - A dead man is found with all of Harry's ID and no face. Guest starring Golden Age Radio great Gil Stratton

  5. TONY MACARONI STILL OWES ME $600 - Harry tells Murphy the story of how he was charged with murder when he tried to collect a debt and a collection of Bing Crosby records.

  6. RACHEL'S DREAM - A young woman's story sends Harry out to try and answer the question "did she see a murder or was it just a little girl's nightmare?"


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