The Third Gate - The 500th Episode of Imagination Theatre



Product Description

In September of 2005 in front of a sold out house at the Kirkland Performance Center Imagination Theatre recorded the show that was to air on our 500th weekend of broadcasting. It was a very special program written by both M. J. Elliott of Great Britain and Jim French. The cast was the largest we’d ever assembled consisting of most of the stars of our various series, playing their parts from those shows as well as doubling in other roles. We had John Armstrong and Dennis Bateman (Raffles, the Gentleman Thief), Karen Heaven and Randy Hoffmeyer (The Hilary Caine Mysteries), Terry Rose, Kathryn Shield, Dean Smith & Richard Sanders (Kincaid, the Strangeseeker), John Patrick Lowrie, Lawrence Albert and Lee Paasch (The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) and finally Larry Albert, Pat French and Jay Green (The Adventures of Harry Nile), 14 actors playing over 20 roles in a once in a lifetime performance.

The finished show came in at just over 51 minutes but because of time constraints it had to be edited down to 46 minutes and was broadcast the week of October 16, 2005 over all of the radio station affiliated with Imagination Theatre and the XM Satellite System We will not be repeating it. However, we have decided to make it available to the public in its original 51minute length without commercials. This very special program can be yours as either a CD, or as an mp3 download.

Remember you get almost 6 minutes of material never broadcast over the air. Order today and enjoy.


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