The Complete Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


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We’re proud to present “The Complete Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, all sixty of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless tales, fully dramatized, in one magnificant collection.  This "Complete Collection" has never been done before in the history of English speaking, North American, broadcasting and it’s taken Jim French Productions 10 years to accomplish it.

Each story was adapted by M. J. Elliott and stars John Patrick Lowrie as Sherlock Holmes and Lawrence Albert as Dr. John H. Watson, with Lee Paasch as Mrs. Hudson and Rick May as Inspector Lestrade. Every episode has been produced with the full authorization of the Estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle the daughter of Sir Arthur and we have dedicated the collection to the memory of the late Lee Paasch.

The Complete Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes comes as a 3 volume set, containing a total of 35 CDs, in crystal clear CD quality audio.


Volume 1:

The Adventure of the Three Students (First Published in June 1904)

The Adventure of t he Yellow Face    (First Published in February 1893)

The Adventure of the Mazrin Stone   (First Published in October 1921)

The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger (First Published in January 1927)

A Study in Scarlet (First Published in November 1887)

The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place (First Published in March 1927)

The Five Orange Pips (First Published in November 1891)

The Adventure of the Dancing Men (First Published in November 1903)

The Final Problem (First Published in December 1893)

The Empty House (First Published in October 1903)

The Blue Carbuncle (First Published in January 1892)

Charles Augustus Milverton (First Published in March 1904)

The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet (First Published in June 1904)

The Boscombe Valley Mystery (First published in October 1891)

The Cardboard Box (First published in January 1893)

The Adventure of the Creeping Man  (First published in March 1923)

The Adventure of the Dying Detective (First published in November 1913)

The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez (First published in June 1904)

The Greek Interpreter (First published in September 1893)

The Adventure of the Illustrious Client (First published in November 1924)                                  

The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane (First published in December 1926)

The Disappearance of Lady France Carfax (First published in December 1911)  

The Gloria Scott (First published in April 1893)

The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans (First published December 1908)


Volume 2:

The Adventure of The Norwood Builder - First published October 1903

The Problem of Thor Bridge – First Published March 1922

The Adventure of Black Peter - First published February 1904

The Adventure of the Red Circle - First published March 1911

A Scandal in Bohemia - First published July 1891

The Adventure of the Second Stain - First published December 1904

The Resident Patient First published August 1893

The Adventure of the Retired Colourman - First published Dec. 1926

The Adventure of the Three Garridebs - First published October 1924

The Adventure of the Three Gables - First published September 1926  

Wisteria Lodge – First published September 1908

The Man With the Twisted Lip - First published December. 1891

The Adventure of The Priory School - First published January 1904

The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter - First published August 1904

The Naval Treaty - First published October/November 1893

Silver Blaze - First published February 1893

The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot – First published December 1910

The Adventure of the Abbey Grange - First published September 1904

The Adventure of the Speckled Band - First published February1892

The Musgrave Ritual - First published May 1893   

The Red-Headed League - First published August 1891

The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier - First published Nov. 1926

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire - First published January 1924


Volume 3:

The Copper Beeches – First published June 1892

The Crooked Man – First published July 1893

The Six Napoleons - First published April 1904

The Noble Bachelor - First published April 1892

The Engineer’s Thumb - First published March 1892

His Last Bow - First published September 1917

The Stockbroker’s Clerk - First published March 1893

The Solitary Cyclist - First published December 1903

The Reigate Squired - First published June 1893

Interview with John Patrick Lowrie and Lawrence Albert

at 2014 Sherlock Holmes Convention in Seattle

The Valley of Fear - First published September 1914

The Hound of the Baskervilles - First published April 1901

The Sign of Four - First published February 1890


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    By: John Roach April 21, 2016
    I've been listening to this collection since I purchased it recently and, having already listened to over 40 recordings of the Doyle canon, I knew how excellent it was. To hear these shows in glorious stereo is the only thing I've been missing, and now that I am able to do that I am in Holmes and Watson heaven. These shows have been described by BBC Radio as "among the best radio dramas in the English language" and I humbly concur. They are the same cast, writers, director, producer for each one and to have the entire canon completed here in America to listen to is not only noteworthy it makes this American's chest swell with pride! Please don't take MY word for it!! Please buy your own set and revel in the England of the 1800's in all its horse drawn hansom and gaslight glory, because not only is it brilliantly captured in these recordings but Holmes and Watson and the wonderfully diverse characters they come into contact with are ALL HERE!!! These recordings make them appear right before your very eyes. Great entertainment plain and simple.