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December 7th 1941, a date that did more then just pull the United States into W. W. II. This day mobilized a nation and changed the lives of millions of Americans forever. Men and women from all walks of life had only one question that needed to be answered, "What can I do to help win this war?" For many, around 11 million, the answer was easy, put on the uniforms of this country and fight. However, not all were hysically fit enough to be a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Coast Guardsman; so they had to find another way. The stories in this CD volume will tell you how Harry Nile with his 4-F draft rating found his way to contribute to the war effort while at the same time and in his own small way ensure that the folks on the Homefront didn't forget the true principals of the Democracy their sons were fighting for.
CHAPTER ELEVEN: SECRET MISSION - December 1941 the first wartime Christmas for the USA since 1917, just weeks after surprise attack on Pearl Harbor; Harry agrees to take on a domestic surveillance case because there might be a slim chance he'd be helping the war effort. How, he's not sure and why should modified B-25 bombers have anything to do with it?
CHAPTER TWELVE: A MINOR DETAIL - It's late 1944, the allies are pushing the Germans back across Europe toward Germany; Japan is faring no better. In Los Angeles Harry Nile is still working to keep his agency alive while working at a defense plant during the week. His new case is a puzzler, why would anybody steal a vintage car that stands out like a newborn baby in a retirement home.

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    By: PJ HACHMANN April 12, 2016
    These help to fill in what happened to Harry during World War II. Humorous but also informative on World War II history. I really like these CD's/MP3 recordings. Looking forward to the next Volume's, 7 & 8.