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4 Classic Harry Nile Episodes

Volume Twenty Five:

On January 1, 1976, Harry Nile went on the air for the first time over KVI, Seattle in a play called "West For My Health", in which Harry spent a very unhappy New Year's Eve of 1939. December of 1976, the second Harry Nile aired, and a series was born. On this Twenty-Sixth volume are four more of his adventures, in the correct chronological order as he "lived" them. 1959 starts off with a bang and on a sad note. There's a death in the family that doesn't bring out the best in the Niletti family, a kidnapping that takes Harry to the edge and a story from out of his past.

THE FRENDS OF JULES RISKIN - In this special double length story, a stark tragedy brings Harry back to Chicago, and the family he left there.

A KEY TO MURDER - At last, here is the story of Harry Nile's very first case as a private investigator in Chicago.

TWENTY GRAND - A special double length Harry Nile adventure. Could a one-of -a-kind car be a cause for crime and suicide? Looking for the truth, Harry picks up an interesting helpmate and faces a man with murder on his mind.

THE FIFTH LETTER - Never Judge a book by its cover or a client by his bank balance. Harry learns this hard truth as he investigates a case of blackmail. Featuring Golden Age Radio and film stars Jean Rouverol (One Man's Family), James Lydon (Life With Father) along with TV and film star Alice Backes.


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