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  1. COLD READING - A murder is recorded on tape and Harry has to not only find out who the killer is he also has to figure out who the victim was since no one can find a body.

  2. THE FIGHTER AND THE PHANTOM - Harry trys to help a young fighter who swears that a ghost is out to ruin his career.

  3. THE IVOR LINDMAN MATTER - There's nothing like a straightforward case of murder, and this is nothing like a straightforward case of murder as Harry quickly discovers.

  4. MODEL 386-A - Harry is hired to keep the girlfriends of a two timing jewelry salesman from turning him into lunch meat. Guest starring Cynthia Geary of "Northern Exposure."

  5. THE HANDSHAKE - Harry is involved in a real estate deal that has all the earmarks of...well he can't quite figure it out. Guest starring Baseball Hall of Fame announcer Dave Neihaus.

  6. THE CASE OF THE DESPERATE DEALER - Business partners should trust each other shouldn't they? In this case it doesn't hold true and Harry goes on the car chase of his life to prove it.

  7. BEACON HILL - To Harry Nile it's an old story: a family spat, a long lost brother, a dying mother and a sister trying to make everything right. A mission of mercy right, maybe not.

  8. THE VALUE OF DETAILS - How do you break what looks to be the perfect alibi? Harry has his hands full trying to accomplish that very thing.

  9. THE LADY IN THE HUDSON - An elderly woman turns up on Christmas Eve claiming to be Murphy's long lost grandmother. The cops are charging her with Grand Theft Auto.

  10. LITTLE BOY LOST - In this story Harry investigates the kidnapping of a young couple's baby from their home while the baby-sitter was in the next room.

  11. THE SET SET-UP - A mother and daughter hire Harry Nile to find a certain psychologist because they're worried about "his" mental state. Featuring Cynthia Lauren Tewes, "Julie" of "The Love Boat."

  12. MURDER IN MINIATURE - A former Austrian diplomat hires Harry to find out who is leaving his family hate mail and mutilating his daughter's dolls. It's going to be a tough job. Just about everybody in town is a suspect.

  13. THE OLD MASTERS MURDER CASE - Harry is hired by a lawyer to prove his stepson didn't kill his mother, a friend of Murphy's. Guest starring Russell Johnson.

  14. ELSA'S POOL - Harry Nile gets involved with a free spending disc jockey and his missing wife.

  15. IRON DUST - In this episode Harry Nile uncovers the most bizarre case of attempted murder he's ever come across.

  16. SEEKING SARAH BANKS - It's the old "Find the missing heir to the fortune" case with Harry going back to L.A. for the first time in seven years.

  17. HARRY AND THE LOST ART - Harry Nile is hired by an old man to pick up a package at the airport, simple enough job right? That's what Harry thinks until someone gives him a new crease in his skull and steals the package.

  18. CHRISTMAS IN PARADISE - Harry Nile is asked to investigate the robbery of a downtown mission's poor box.

  19. SUBMARINE WARFARE - Harry Nile must find out if the owner of a submarine sandwich shop is the victim of vandals, or a budding murderer. Featuring Richard Sanders.

  20. THE CASE OF THE FELINE FEE (2001) - Harry's latest client is convinced an old school rival is out to kill her.

  21. THE MUSIC BOX CAPER - A young singing truck driving country western hopeful and his wife hire Harry to locate the "ornery critter" who swiped a box of the singer’s demo recordings form the back of his rig.

  22. THE PETE LAMBERT CASE -A timid man who keeps having near fatal accidents comes to Harry for help.

  23. SOLITAIRE SAM - Our boy has to deal with a slippery con artist and a murder. Featuring Richard Sanders.

  24. THE SOUTHERN DOUBLECROSS - Harry heads south to investigate a possible real estate swindle and finds that in New Orleans they have their own way of doing things. Featuring Russell Johnson of "Gilligan’s Island."

So you've been buying the Harry Nile CDs for the past couple of years and you've got family and friends coveting your collection. Here's your chance to give them their very own compilation, at a savings or to do a quick catch up on what you have. Jim French Productions is offering the first twenty-four volumes of Harry Nile in 6 Boxed Sets of 8 CDs each.

Each case holds 8 CDs – that's four volumes of Harry Nile, between 20-24 episodes each – and sells for $49.95. If you were to purchase the double-CD volumes individually, four volumes would total $63.80, this is your chance to give people on your gift list what they want, and save money too!

  • Boxed set 1 contains Volumes 1 thru 4 of The History of Harry Nile, starring Phil Harper and Pat French. These 23 episodes take Harry from December 1939 to Winter of 1942.
  • Boxed set 2 contains Volumes 5 thru 8 of The History of Harry Nile and takes America's favorite P.I. from December 24, 1942 through October 1950 in 22 episodes.
  • Boxed set 3 contains Volumes 9 thru 12 of The History of Harry Nile with another 23 episodes seeing Harry from October 1950 through to the Summer of 1952.
  • Boxed set 4 contains Volumes 13 thru 16 of The History of Harry Nile with another 24 episodes seeing Harry from August 1952 to the Winter of 1954.
  • Boxed set 5 contains Volumes 17 thru 20 of The History of Harry Nile with another 21 episodes seeing Harry from Winter of 1954 to April of 1956
  • Boxed set 6 contains Volumes 21 thru 24 of The History of Harry Nile with another 21 episodes seeing Harry from Winter of 1956 to April of 1958

These hard-shelled cases measure 7-1/2" high x 5-1/4" deep and 1" wide, or roughly the size of a paperback book or video. Not only to they fit easily on your book or DVD shelf; but the self-locking cases make it easy to transport your favorite stories.

Want Your Own Cases?

What if you've been collecting all 20 of the Harry volumes and wish you could have these same cases? We've thought about that and are happy to offer empty hard-shelled cases (with the same inserts as the boxed sets) to you at: $9.95 each. Just let us know which one you would like: Case 1 for Volumes 1- 4, Case 2 for Volumes 5-8, Case 3 for Volumes 9 -12, Case 4 for Volumes 13 - 16, Case 5 for Volumes 17 - 20, Case 6 for Volumes 21 - 24

Also Available as MP3 Download:

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