Hilary Caine Collectors Box Set 1



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Created and written by British author M. J. Elliott and set in the England of the 1930's, Hilary Caine is a young woman with a unique gift for solving crimes. She is employed by the English tabloid "Tittle Tattle Magazine" as their in house "Girl Detective," she solves the crime, they write the story. Portrayed in these full cast dramatizations by talented Australian actress Karen, (car-ren),Heaven as a sort of a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen with an independent attitude, Hilary Caine is an exciting addition to the Jim French Productionsuniverse of first rate modern audio mysteries.

This Hilary Caine Set Contains the following Episodes:

A Reputation For Murder: In her first outing young Hilary employs the methods of Holmes and Ellery Queen to solve the murder of a local minister.

Blood Will Have Blood:: Hilary is tipped off to a murder that hasn't quite happened ... yet.

The Motto of the Seahawk: A missing persons case takes an ugly turn and Hilary is on the job for justice and a good write up in Tittle Tattle magazine.

The Bitter End: In this special double length story Inspector Finn once again has the able "assistance" of Hilary Caine in seeking to discover who murdered the rich American financier and how did the killer get in and out with no one seeing him… or her?

Mystery Repeats Itself: It's murder most foul, but was it one killing or two, and how is it that Hilary is the alibi for the very man everyone says did it, including the victims?

The Scheme of Things: Yes, Tittle-Tattle magazine's "Girl" detective returns with another tale of murder among the upper classes of 1930's England. This time there isn't anyone who doesn't have a motive to kill the victim

Seek and Ye Shall Find: What have you got when there's been a murder and all of the suspects were at the scene of the crime and all of them had guns? A relatively simple case, just match the bullet from the victim's body to the weapon and you've got your killer… unless the round went clean through and can't be found. The perfect crime you say, not with Hilary and Finn on the case in this special double length story.

Untruths and Consequences: A quiet hotel with a boisterous and obnoxious "Don Juan" as a focal point provides Tittle-Tattle Magazine's in house sleuth with all mystery and mayhem she could want as a week-end diversion

Dial "H" For Hilary: A desperate phone call from a woman about to be murdered thrusts the famous "Girl" detective once again into an investigation of a homicide among the well to do. 



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