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Tales of the Macabre

 In this collection of stories you’ll find mankind at his darkest level. You’ll look into the deepest secrets and most nightmarish fears of the human race since time began. From the depths of an otherwise placid lake side setting to a gentleman’s  club with an atmosphere of cigars and brandy to the laboratory of the mad, perhaps, scientist these tales are not for the squeamish. Written by Daniel McGachey, Iain McLaughlin, Claire Bartlett, Sable Jak, Jim French and J. R. Campbell these are the things sleepless nights are made of.

Includes the Following Tales:

The Beacon: This is the story of the keepers of a lighthouse based on a small island three miles from shore. There is a storm raging outside, the gale force winds howling into the night where no ship would be safe on the open sea, when suddenly, someone or something is knocking on the outside door for entrance.

The Curse of the Mummy: The Mummy walks and heroes are in distress with a damsel to the rescue in a serious nod to the Classic Hammer Horror films of the 50s and 60s.

The Heart of Frankenstein: Once again Baron von Frankenstein is using knowledge man was not meant to know to violate the laws of man and God. He creates a monster, a killer a thing of darkness.

Trailer Hitch: A short tale of "Let the buyer beware" and a death.

Wicked Ember: How strong is the sense of self-preservation, and when does it cross over into madness and evil? There are no secrets in this story; all is set before you and that makes the horror of it even more terrifying.

They That Dwell in Dark Places: We all see things out of the corner of our eyes that aren’t really there, shadows that disappear into nothing when we look at them. But what if the didn’t vanish into the black, what if we actually could see them? What would they look like and what would they want.

And Still Those Screams Resound: Dr. Lawrence from “Shalt Thou Know My Name” returns to investigate a spectral appearance that gets darker and more sinister with each visit. Has he come upon the single most evil individual he will ever meet?

Dark Beneath the Dark: We all look into that dark corner of a house or a forest with the sure knowledge that we would be able to penetrate the gloom with the right source of light. But what about that stygian blackness which no light can pierce how do we deal with that and just what if anything might exist there?


Runtime Approx: 4 Hrs 31 MInutes


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  • Star Rating
    By: Jim Pearson October 31, 2016
    This is a very enjoyable collection of scary tales. The Beacon and They That Dwell in Dark Places include performances and stories that are first rate. The creepiness continues in Wicked Ember (cast includes Ulric Dihle of Kerides), and the short Trailer Hitch features the voice of “Holling Vincoeur” from Northern Exposure. Yet another Daniel McGachey thriller, “Screams Resound”, brings back Dr. Lawrence, the professor of the uncanny. I like the continuity this character brings to McGachey’s yarns. If I were building this collection, I’d substitute other Lawrence stories (Shalt Thou Know My Name, The Shadow in the Stacks) in place of the Frankenstein & Mummy classics. However, many of these stories are available as single episode downloads and in other collections. To sum up, if you like chillers with atmosphere, this collection offers (as Dr. Lawrence might say) good value for money. As a side note, a couple of other classic IT performances to look for (not included in the above) are “The Beasts” and “The Garden Of Dr. Shakaji”. Not sure if they’re available for download, but they would make great Halloween listening!