The Adventures of Harry Nile, Collectors Set 5



Product Description

On January 1, 1976, Harry Nile went on the air for the first time over KVI, Seattle in a play called "West For My Health", in which Harry spent a very unhappy New Year's Eve of 1939. December of 1976, the second Harry Nile aired, and a series was born. In 2005 Larry Albert took over the role of Harry with Pat French as Murphy. By 2012 Pat was ready to retire so the search for the new Murphy was on. Finally, talented actor Marry Anne Dorward was chosen and you'll hear her debut as Murphy in "Don’t Forget to Write."

The Adventures of Harry Nile Set 5 contains 18 great Harry Nile mystery adventures, in a 6 CD set. Also available as a MP3 download.

  • The Case of the Mad Millionaire
  • The Durwood Case
  • It's Not Complicated
  • Don't Forget to Write
  • The Deed
  • What's in Grandma's Piano
  • What Would Harry Do
  • Five Feet Under
  • The Case of the Bronze Horse
  • The Big Kiss Off
  • Bad Blood
  • The Christmas Tree Caper
  • What Would The Neighbors Say
  • Harry a Tree and a Kid
  • The Moxie Sisters
  • Vedetta
  • Ghost
  • And Your Little Dog Too


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