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December 7th 1941, a date that did more then just pull the United States into W. W. II. This day mobilized a nation and changed the lives of millions of Americans forever. Men and women from all walks of life had only one question that needed to be answered, "What can I do to help win this war?" For many, around 11 million, the answer was easy, put on the uniforms of this country and fight. However, not all were hysically fit enough to be a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Coast Guardsman;  so they had to d another way. The three stories on this CD  will take you from just after Pearl Harbor, to the Christmas of 1943, six months before D-Day and the beginning of the end for the Axis Powers. The two years covered in this collection, on the homefront, shows that life does go on.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: THE DAY AFTER - iIt's December 8th 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. Harry has tried to enlist in every service but the girl scouts and gets a "no" from all of them. He's 4-F, unfit for duty. Our boy is frustrated and unhappy when he's sent a new client from shyster lawyer Marvin Asher, a client Harry would like to throw down the stairs.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: CHRISTMAS ON THE CHEAP - It's Christmastime 1943 and Harry's been working as the security man at A -1 Fabricators for almost a year, and as a Yuletide present he given another responsibility, party planner. On top of that he has to deal with several bomb threats if he's actually successful and the party comes off as planned. Ho, ho, ho.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: JUST TO SEE HER SMILE - It's Christmas time 1943 and Harry Nile is hired to find out who sabotaged some important work at a Hollywood studio that makes nothing but cartoons. So why is it so hush - hush and who the blazes is Private Snafu?


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