The Adventures of Harry Nile, Collectors Set 4



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On January 1, 1976, Harry Nile went on the air for the first time over KVI, Seattle in a play called "West For My Health", in which Harry spent a very unhappy New Year's Eve of 1939. December of 1976, the second Harry Nile aired, and a series was born. For 28 years Phil Harper played the part of Harry, when he passed away in 2004 a decision had to be made whether to kill the series or find a new Harry. After much discussion it was decided to recast the part. Larry Albert was chosen to take over the role with Pat French continuing as Murphy. A new sound and a new team but the same high quality you've come to expect in The Adventures of Harry Nile.

This Fourth Collection of The Adventures of Harry Nile Starring Larry Albert an d Pat French ontains the Following Episodes:

The Line-Up: Harry recalls a Los Angeles spring day in 1942 when he was arrested, booked, escaped from jail and spilled taco sauce on his new jacket.

Death at the King Neptune: Harry finds that the old saying of "you can't go home again" should have the tag "because if you do, you'll die."

The Scottie Scam: t's been a slow month for Harry Nile Investigations and a dognapping case looks real good at the moment. Of course it could turn into something a great deal more dangerous.

A Season For Killing: Hired by an old time comedian to find out who's been shooting holes in his apartment building, Harry has to "almost" perform a good deed to solve the case.

Power Play: As Harry tries to find who's the company spy in a high stakes investment business, people start having personal disasters… like murder, and our boy gets caught in the cross fire.

The Case of the Crying Corpse: A man falls to his death from the 30th floor of his office building and Harry receives a manuscript that tells all about it before it happens? Who wrote the book and sent it to Harry?

The Unexpected Gift: The 1959 Christmas season finds Harry in a reflective mood about life, death and the universe; as well as trying to find the guy who's making harassing phone calls to his sister.

The Arsonist's Letter: In the restaurant business it’s location, location, location and when a restaurateur receives arson threats if he builds his new eatery on a specific site, he hires Harry Nile to get to the bottom of the “lot plot”.

The Strange Case of Harvey Flax: Harry Nile’s newest client has a simple request; find out what’s changed a class clown into a no humored drudge. Look out Harry, it’s always the easy ones that cause the most trouble.

Paid in Full: Harry has a problem; the client he was hired to protect is dead, murdered, while our boy was at a party for the guy who was supposedly out to kill his now deceased employer.

Harry's Luck: What’s the real reason Harry Nile decided to move from Los Angeles to Seattle in 1950 and why does it involve a beautiful blonde and blackmail?

Evidence: Sometimes Harry Nile is a little too much of a pushover for his own good especially when it comes to a crying woman with a husband who is going to be accused of murdering her father. Guest starring Cynthia Geary of TV's "Northern Exposure"

The Prisoner of 9th Ave.: As Harry knows only too well, no good deed goes unpunished. This time the punishment could mean the end of our boy’s career as a P. I. and as a live body.

The Greenwood Shooting: Harry Nile has had some weird ones over time but this one is a beaut. Who steals a car from a used car lot and then brings it back with blood in the trunk and how does it connect with a drive-by killing?

The Christmas Cookie Caper: When do the police come to a P. I. for help in solving a bank robbery? When they’re desperate and that’s just how it is when Harry Nile is brought in on this Christmas time case. But how do Murphy and her ideas for holiday gifts fit in

It's Complicated: Harry Nile has a problem. He’s hired to prove that his new client didn’t kill a guy who ripped him off and our boy thinks the client is complete jerk. Not only that he’s convinced he may have actually done the dirty deed. What to do?

The Out of Towners: You know Harry Nile’s gonna have a bad day when he sees a guy being kidnapped and thrown into the back of a truck. Our boy gives chase and a rug flies out of the truck hits his car and causes him to run off the road. Couldn’t get worse you? How about if there’s a dead body wrapped up inthe rug?

It's More Complicated Then You Think: Harry Nile has a problem; Murphy’s out of town and two of her girlfriends want to fill in for her, two of her girlfriends who don’t like each other. On top of that his new client want him to find her husband, dead or alive, it doesn’t matter, since she’ll either kill him herself or take him for everything he’s got in the divorce. Estrogen is everywhere.


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