The Adventures of Harry Nile, Collectors Set 3



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On January 1, 1976, Harry Nile went on the air for the first time over KVI, Seattle in a play called "West For My Health", in which Harry spent a very unhappy New Year's Eve of 1939. December of 1976, the second Harry Nile aired, and a series was born. For 28 years Phil Harper played the part of Harry, when he passed away in 2004 a decision had to be made whether to kill the series or find a new Harry. After much discussion it was decided to recast the part. Larry Albert was chosen to take over the role with Pat French continuing as Murphy. A new sound and a new team but the same high quality you've come to expect in The Adventures of Harry Nile. In this third collectors set you'll find 18 episodes in all, none of which has ever been released in the CD format before, over 7 hours of mystery and menace.

This third collection of The Adventures of Harry Nile starring Larry Albert and Pat French contains the following episodes:

Blood on the Snow: Harry Nile doesn’t like snow or winter sports or being cold, so what is he doing up in the mountains on skis trying not get killed by running into a tree or a bullet. 

The Collector: What does Harry Nile say to a guy who stands 6 and half feet tall, weighs somewhere around 300 hundreds pounds who offers to buy him lunch and then tells him he’s a collector for the mob… do you want fries with that?

It’s Kind of a Funny Story: It’s the return of everybody’s favorite Australian P. I. Charlene Mitchell. She’s sort of hiding from the Aussie law in Harry Nile’s office and helping him with a murder case and his least welcomed Seattle cop, Meeker. Guest starring Terry (Strangeseeker) Rose and Karen (Hilary Caine) Heaven

Eighty Miles of Bad Road: In the life of a private investigator there are good months and bad, but when the bad months outnumber the good then a P. I. might be financially forced to take on a case without getting enough information regarding what’s expected of him. So that why Harry Nile finds himself running through the woods with a waitress and a nebbish trying to out run two guys with guns.

Trouble is My Beeswax: When you’ve been a P. I. as long as Harry Nile you’ve seen about all there is to see, until now. This new case has our boy up against…the devil?

Source Alpha: There’s a cop killer on the loose. So why does that mean that Harry Nile has to lay in a hospital bed with his head bandaged and a gun under the covers in his right hand?

I, Witness: When Harry Nile tells a guy “I’ve been shot before” and the guy says “Yeah, but have you ever been dead before?” you’ve got to figure our boy has gotten himself and Murphy into one really tight situation.

Poetic Justice: Harry Nile has just relocated to Seattle from Los Angeles and while he’s in the process of getting his P. I. license for Washington State he’s still has to eat. So a little under the table work comes in handy. However, this job could put Harry not just under the table but under the ground as well, six feet under. Guest starring Northern Exposure’s Cynthia Geary.

The Case of the Goggled Girl: In Harry Nile's experience it's usually the father of the rich girl who wants the prospective fiancée checked out but in this case it's the girl who wants the boyfriend looked into. Why, because her father likes him.

The Case of the Golden Cavalry Part One: A murdered man is found with Harry’s business card, happens all the time, but this guy wasn’t even a client. However before our boy can figure it out he becomes involved with the Napoleonic Wars and a former TV personality with an ego the size of the universe. All this before breakfast.

The Case of the Golden Cavalry Part Two: Several new players join in the fun as Harry and Meeker finally make contact with the mysterious Mr. Verhagen and get a better idea of just who did kill Jim Pemberton.

A Dangerous Game: Harry Nilehasn’t touched a deck of cards in many a year but being asked to be the “dummy” in a bridge game seemed easy enough until he becomes a fourth for death.

Box 111: Has a modern day Jack the Ripper come to Seattle? That’s what a “consulting” detective from London says as he enlists Harry Nile’s help in catching the killer.

The Funeral of Fast Buck Feldman:This is the 200th episode of The Adventures of Harry Nile. Los Angeles 1950, Harry’s landlord Manny asks our boy for a small favor and when he says yes he ends up in the back of a hearse on his way to being buried alive. 

The Trouble With Harry: Harry Nile the hitman? Is our boy branching out or does a mysterious phone call have anything to do with his sudden employment as a whack job artist?

Knock on Wood: Harry Nile has had good cases, bad cases and screwy cases this is one of those. He’s hired to stop a murder; he knows who the victim will be and who the killer most likely will be or is it the other way around? Any way somebody’s going to die he just has to figure out who.

The Fatal Felines of Phinney Ridge: A man dies and Harry Nile is pretty certain he was murdered, he’s almost sure he knows who killed him and how it was done. His problem is trying to tie a tuna fish sandwich, an open window and a stray cat together to prove it.

Minute Like an Hour: How in this world, or any other can Harry Nile reconcile a break-in at a psychiatrist’s office and the theft of her patient’s records with a man who‘s convinced he’s regularly abducted by UFOs?


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