THE HISTORY OF HARRY NILE - SET 7: Volumes 25 - 27



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WIRED FOR MURDER - A blind woman says overheard her stepson plotting her murder, but until he makes a move the police can't help her. So who you gonna call, Harry Nile of course.

SKIP TRACE - Harry Nile is asked by the widow of a sleazy P.I. to take up the case that may have cost her husband his life. Not much of an incentive, right?                                                           

DUCTHER'S BEAT - An old friend and an unsolved murder makes for a combination that finds Harry Nile right in the middle..  

MIRACLE MILE - When a friend from his L. A. days asks Harry to return to Southern Cal. and help get him out of a jam, Seattle's favorite P.I. hops the first plane out and flies straight into a mess he can do nothing to stop.

THE WORTHINGTON COLLECTION - A two million dollar art theft involves Harry Nile in the world of a 1950's style self-help guru.

MOTIVE - Harry Nile is hired to prove that a confessed murderer didn't commit the crime he says he did. Featuring Russell Johnson of "Gilligan's Island"

THE FIRENDS OF JULES RISKIN - In this special double length story, a stark tragedy brings Harry back to Chicago, and the family he left there. 

A KEY TO MURDER - At last, here is the story of Harry Nile's very first case as a private investigator in Chicago. 

TWENTY GRAND - A special double length Harry Nile adventure. Could a one-of -a-kind car be a cause for crime and suicide? Looking for the truth, Harry picks up an interesting helpmate and faces a man with murder on his mind.  

THE FIFTH LETTER - Never Judge a book by its cover or a client by his bank balance. Harry learns this hard truth as he investigates a case of blackmail. Featuring Golden Age Radio and film stars Jean Rouverol (One Man's Family), James Lydon (Life With Father) along with TV and film star Alice Backes.  

THE CASE OF THE INTERSTATE STALKER - Harry plays a dangerous game when he comes to the aid of his sister Angie as she tries to outrun the unwanted attentions of a madman.

THE MOBIUS MATTER - Harry Nile gets one for the books. A husband and wife each think one is trying to kill the other and both hire our boy to prove it. Featuring Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati".*

*Three weeks after recording this last show Phil Harper suddenly passed away on October 11, 2004. He wanted Harry to carry on if anything happed to him and we have honored that request, but Phil will always be one of a kind. Curtin down.    

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