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On January 1, 1976, Harry Nile went on the air for the first time over KVI, Seattle in a play called "West For My Health", in which Harry spent a very unhappy New Year's Eve of 1939. December of 1976, the second Harry Nile aired, and a series was born. For 28 years Phil Harper played the part of Harry, when he passed away in 2004 a decision had to be made whether to kill the series or find a new Harry. After much discussion it was decided to recast the part. Larry Albert was chosen to take over the role with Pat French continuing as Murphy. A new sound and a new team but the same high quality you've come to expect in The Adventures of Harry Nile. In this second collectors set you'll find 18episodes in all, none of which has ever been released in the CD format before, over 6 hours of mystery and menace.

This second collection of The Adventures of Harry Nile starring Larry Albert and Pat French contains the following episodes:

1. The Killing House Part One: There are times when Harry Nile likes to see himself as a knight in shining armor, helping out the little guy, for a fee of course. Thinking like that can get you killed.

2. The Killing House Part Two: You're Harry Nile and you've been shot twice by a young cop who you're convinced is part of a murder for hire set up. What a way to spend the start of the 1959 Christmas season.

3. A Calculated Risk: Harry Nile does not do the "Great Out of Doors" thing. When he tries it the whole experience turns in a mess. He goes hiking… finds a dead body. He goes flying is an old open cockpit aeroplane; pilot tries dump him out 30,000 feet. This time he tries his hand at golf and… need I go further. Guest starring Golden Age of radio and TV star Rosemary Rice.

4. A Trail to a Corpse: Even in the 1950's Harry Nile knew that taking a long hike in the woods was considered a healthy pastime for most people, but not for him. Why? Well, he keeps finding dead people along the way.

5. The Case of the Busy Body: Harry Nile was raised in Chicago and grew up knowing that stealing from the mob was a path to quick suicide. He's about to find out that the punishment for theft in the world of the theater can be even worse.

6. The Trophy Room Part One: When it comes to the hobby of collecting unusual bric-a-brac there is no limits. Harry Nile discovers that obtaining some of these items can also be worth a man's life.

7. The Trophy Room Part Two: Does Harry Nile solve every case he takes on? No, but if he doesn't figure this one out he could be looking for a new profession.

8. A Change of Life: Harry Nile is hired by a woman to check on her husband's financial dealings but as he does so he runs into a situation he's never before come up against.

9. Patience is a Vice: A slow death is nobody's idea of a good way to go especially when it's known it won't be a natural demise. That's why a dying man hires Harry Nile; to find out who's killing him and how it's being done. Featuring "Love Boat star Cynthia Lauren Tewes, 50's TV star Rosemary Rice (I Remember Mama) along with film and TV actor and one time voice of the Los Angeles Ram Gil Stratton.

10. The Body in Mystery Bay: There are some cases Harry Nile takes just because, and this is one of those, proving that a son's suicide was murder. Guest starring in their first audio play together Emmy Award® winning actor/writer Jan Merlin and Grammy Award® winner actor/writer Rosemary Rice.

11. Too Little, Too Late: The government pays farmers not to grow certain things but since when does someone pay a private investigator not to investigate a murder?

12. No Worries: Harry Nile gets two Christmas presents neither of which he asked for. One is a murder that was committed in front of an audience and our boy can't figure out how it was done. The second is a hard charging, hard drinking P. I. from Australia who has the answer he needs but "She" won't tell him unless he helps with her case. Guest starring Karen "The Hilary Caine Mysteries" Heaven.

13. Is Anyone There: Harry Nile is man who makes friends, and enemies. What happens when one of the latter puts our boy in a situation where none of the former can help him? Where's he is trapped, cut off from everything and everyone... or is he?

14. The Leave Her to Heaven Killing: Harry Nile thought he'd been through just about everything, but when he's suspect of murdering a man because he's romantically involved with the guys wife, well now he's got a new entry for his diary.

15. Two For the Price of None: Picking a friend up at the bus station may be hazardous to your freedom, as Harry Nile finds out when he's arrested for aiding and abetting in a bank robbery.

16. The Case of the Dueling Divas: What Harry Nile knows about opera would take about two minutes to cover. What he knows about people would fill volumes and he'll need that knowledge to figure out if two high-strung sopranos are out to do serious harm to each other.

17. Dead Air: For a radio station there are few things worse then "dead air", nothing going out over the airwaves. Harry Nile is hired to find out why a popular morning DJ walked off his show and what really happened during the five minutes the station was silent. Oh yeah, he has to solve a murder too.

18. Saturday Night Special: Back in 1960 as today people would receive a lot of odd things through the mail but how many can say they've been sent a loaded hand gun and not just loaded but set to blow up in the recipient's face? Who would send such a thing and why? That's what Harry Nile is hired to find out.

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