10 CD - Mystery Grab Bag!




Product Description

Psssst! Have we got a deal for you!

Let's face it; we're all treasure hunters at heart. That's why so many of us love a good mystery. And, as we are very much into mysteries here at Jim French Productions we've decided to offer up a fun "Mysterious Grab Bag" package for you.

For every bag you order we will fill it with 10 handpicked Imagination Theater weekly broadcast discs of our choosing. These are the same discs that go to our radio stations. We promise there will be at least one Harry Nile and one Sherlock Holmes disc in each bag. As to what the other discs are… it's a mystery worthy of Harry or Holmes.

The ten discs will contain up to 20 shows for you to listen to (one double length or two single-length shows a disc). And best of all, you'll get them all for only $35.00 plus shipping. Individually the collector broadcast discs sell for $5.00 each plus shipping. But with the Mysterious Grab Bag you'll get ten for the price of seven… that's three free discs.

Call 1-877-875 6453 to order over the phone. Send checks or money orders to Jim French Productions 16215 SE Roanoke Pl Bellevue WA 98006


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