Product Description

Get your own copy of a Harry Nile Script

After multiple requests we've decided to release copies of the Harry Nile Scripts for those of you who'd like to read along as you listen to your favorite episodes. These will be copies of the scripts just as the actors get them, i.e., no fancy cover, no art work, no fasteners, just a working copy. Some, not many but a few, may have the notations made by the actors for the performance or by Jim French for the post-production. But we stress these will be copies and not the actor’s personal script.

So if you’d like to know what changes were made, if any, and where the actor may have reinterpreted some of the dialog or if you’d just like to build a paper library along with you CD collection then this is the for you.

All of the scripts for sale were written by Jim French with one by Sable Jak (The Nightmares of Melinda MaGee) and are under full copyright protection and may not be used to create new audio, film, or live stage performance of said material.


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