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Week 1034

Original Air Date: 1/10/2016


The sign of Four - Part One: The Tragedy at Pontichery Lodge

This was supposed to be the second and final story, which was to chronicle the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The Baker Street duo encounter: a beautiful woman who has an unusual affect on the doctor, a strange killer whose weapon is a blowpipe and an oddly honorable man who murders for money.

Episode One

Brass is an adventure serial depicting a family of science geniuses who work as chief agents of the Crown in a Victorian England significantly different from our own. Each member of the Brass family is exgtraordinary. Due to changes in history, the 1885 that they inhabit is filled with all sorts of strange technology, including airships, Babbage engines (mechanical computers), aetherial batteries and other ulikely innovations. It's an adventurous and extremely optimistic world, where their careers have led them to be known as "The First Family of the Realm."


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