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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christe, Dorothy L. Sayers, Caroline Graham and Ian Rankin all names that stand out whenever the discussion turns to British mystery stories and writers. To these we now would like to add M. J. Elliott, Matthew Booth and John Hall. Between them they have created three new original audio detectives to join the ranks of Hercule Poirot, Lord Peter Wimsey and Sherlock Holmes, all for Jim French Productions and Imagination Theatre. Hall's work takes us to the 1920s for the stories of young Freddie Darnborough in "Mr. Darnborough Investigates." Elliott moves us ahead to the 1930s for the adventures of Tittle Tattle Magazine's the girl detective Hilary Caine as she travels around England looking for murders to solve in "The Hilary Caine Mysteries." Finally Matthew Booth's creation former British attorney Anthony Rathe brings us to today and modern mayhem in "The Anthony Rathe Chronicles." Starring David Natale as Mr. Darnborough, Karen Heaven as Hilary and Terry Edward Moore as Rathe we think these ten full cast stories are a terrific addition any mystery fans library.

"Mayhem Quite British" includes the following episode:

Mr. Darnborough Investigates

In The Tea Leaves: This tale introduces Freddie and Cecil in a light hearted story of kidnapping, car chases, spiritualists and home invasion

The Curse of Ozymandias: In this special double-length episode Freddie, with the invaluable aid of Cecil, is out to prove whether or not the "Curse of the Pharaohs of Egypt" has claimed another victim among the well to do of 1920's English society or was it murder?

Hilary Caine Mysteries

A Reputation For Murder: In her first outing young Hilary employs the methods of Holmes and Ellery Queen to solve the murder of a local minister.

Blood Will Have Blood: Hilary is tipped off to a murder that hasn't quite happened... yet.

The Motto of the Seahawk: A missing persons case takes an ugly turn and Hilary is on the job for justice and a good write up in Tittle Tattle magazine.

The Bitter End: In this special double length story Inspector Finn once again has the able "assistance" of Hilary Caine in seeking to discover who murdered the rich American financier and how did the killer get in and out with no one seeing him... or her?

Mystery Repeats Itself: It's murder most foul, but was it one killing or two, and how is it that Hilary is the alibi for the very man everyone says did it, including the victims?

Anthony Rathe Chronicles

More Deaths Then One Must Die: In this special double-length premier episode we meet Anthony Rathe for the first time as he deals with his part in the death of a man falsely convict for murder and his efforts to solve the brutal killing of a friend.

Tell Me No Lies: An unfaithful wife is brutally murdered and all of the evidence points to the husband. Everyone, including Rathe, thinks he did it, so why is Anthony trying to prove him innocent?

Instruments of Darkness: Death is the eternal pursuer of life and all too often it catches its prey is a violent way resulting in murder. This time Rathe himself is a suspect.

Total runtime: approximately 4 hours

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