Show Schedule

 Sunday February 5th

POWDER RIVER – APACHE TERRITORY- Britt travels on towards California and comes across a cavalry patrol surrounded by Apache warriors. (NEW)

TICONDEROGA – THE JOURNEY OF ADAM COBBS - When Captain Taylor is seriously wounded on a scouting expedition, Adam must make his way through the hostile wilderness in search of Dagadawidah. (NEW) WEEK 1,090

     Sunday February 12th

THE CASE OF DEATH IN SMALL DOSES: Harry Nile revisits the woman he was convinced killed her husband with cat dander in the case he called “The Fatal Felines of Phinney Ridge” because now she thinks somebody’s out to get her. (NEW)

THE SPERPENT’S EYE: Episode four in “The Anthony Rathe Chronicles.” A known thug is acquitted of the brutal murder of a young girl on a technicality. When he’s found dead a few hours later Rathe’s friend Detective Inspector Cook is the odds on favorite to have done the killing. WEEK 1,091

       Sunday February 19th 

THE MORIARTY CONCLUSION: Episode 128 of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.The Family Moriarty has plagued Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for too many years, it’s time to make an end to the situation. However, in this special double length episode it will of course proven difficult to accomplish. (NEW) WEEK 1,092       

Sunday February 26th

HARRY AND MURPHY: November 22, 1963, many of us know exactly where we were when we first heard the news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Harry Nile was in the home of a man who was supposed to have committed suicide back in 1948. Then he gets the word Murphy has been shot and kidnapped. A bad day all around right well, Harry thinks so and he’s decided to make some changes. (NEW) WEEK 1,093