Set #6 of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is Here

 The Greatest of Them All: Sherlock Holmes, the name conjures pictures of gas-lit streets and dark mysteries from a bygone age.  Along with his trusted friend Dr. John H. Watson, Holmes is without doubt the most famous sleuth the world has ever known spanning over 129 years. And now, with full authorization from the estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle, Jim French Productions brings you another 11 episodes from our long running dramatic radio series. None of these episodes have ever been released before on CD. 29.95 for the four CD set or $15.00 as a download.


The Ferrer's Engine: Why would anyone want to steal the plans for and murder the inventor of a new engine that can't possibly work? Holmes and Watson must take a train ride to find out.

The Dragon of Lea Lane: "The Dragon.My God.the Dragon." These are the last words of a dying man and its up to Sherlock Holmes to find out their meaning before "The Dragon" strikes again.

The Bonesteele Covenant: Holmes and Watson rush to the aid of a former client's wife to discover what could have possibly driven her husband to take the most drastic and dramatic actions of his life.

The Adventure of the Irregular Client: In this special double length episode, a former member of the Baker Street Irregulars is accused of murder and who better to help prove her innocence then her former mentor. However, there's something about her that troubles the Greta Detective.

The Beast of Hynford: Sherlock Holmes doesn't believe in the supernatural nor does he have much time for those who do, but when a young woman comes to him and fears she is being haunted by the ghost of her dead baby the Great Detective puts his skepticism aside to come to her aid.

The Adventure of the Petty Curses: Is something supernatural out to destroy a man's sanity or is the cause of Holmes' latest client's distress closer to home and much more dangerous?

Murder at the Lyceum: One of the oddest mysteries ever undertaken by Holmes and Watson, a family of four come to London on business and apparently vanish. To Holmes the most important clue is the depth to which the parsley sank in the butter...

The Godolphin Arabian: A wealthy man's racehorses are being stabbed and slashed. In order to stop this cruelty Holmes must first find the motive behind the attacks.

The Inspector of Graves: Are there problems the solutions of which are best left unsolved?  This is a question that confronts Holmes and Watson during their investigation of a case that leads to the opening a grave and scaring an elderly mother half to death. Featuring Cynthia Lauren Tewes.

How Watson Learned the Trick: Based on a story outline by Conan Doyle this tale of murder and deceit has the Great Detective truly stymied. The Elusive Mr. Phillimore: Both Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard are called in when papers vital to national security go missing.

We're Very Happy To Announce the First CD/Download release of our New Series Phoenix Rising

Detective Dena Rising, 29 - Growing up on the Navajo reservation gave her the strength and determination to overcome barriers and succeed. Made her a little sassy too. She chose law enforcement as a career after her father was wrongly accused and incarcerated for seven long years. A seven-year veteran, she became a cop right after college (ASU - B.S. Criminal Justice) and became a homicide detective after only five years as a deputy. She's partnered with Detective Ross Duarte, 54 - A fourteen-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office. Before that he was a police officer then detective for the Oakland P.D. With the kids out of the house, a warmer climate and slower pace brought him and his wife to Arizona. His family has been in law enforcement for five generations, including his son, very much into donuts and coffee. 12.95 for the CD and 7.00 for the download

The Ducthman's Gold - The Pilot Episode- Death in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona is a common enough occurrence, survival of the fittest and all that. But when a woman says that a man who'd have to be almost two hundred years old murdered her husband on the mountain, the police find new meaning in the term "Cold Blooded Killer."

Tonight's Special: Murder - Tonight we begin another intermittent mystery series called "Phoenix Rising" by Curtis Takahashi. The stories take place in modern day Phoenix Arizona, and involve the Homicide investigations of two of the city's finest, Detective Dena Rising and her partner Detective Ross Duarte. In this week's story the murder of a young college student takes the spotlight.

Tag, You're It  - Many police officers can, with the exception of target practice, spend 20, 30 years on the force and never once draw their weapon let alone fire it. Yet many will have that one time, that one terrible time when there was no choice and a life was lost.

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