Kincaid The Strangeseeker

Having created detectives from London in the 1800's and Seattle in the 1950's, Jim French now adds a very contemporary sleuth for the 21st century: Michael Kincaid, a graduate of the tabloid world who digs up weird and otherworldly stories for a struggling new cable channel called I.C., The Investigative Channel.

Kincaid The Strange Seeker has a one-hour weekly TV show that specializes in investigating bizarre claims. He's checked out a Navy experiment in time travel, a returning ghost who forecasts disasters, a cursed knife that belonged to Jack The Ripper, a group of writers whose manuscripts are altered by an unseen hand and those are only the beginning.

Played by veteran radio personality Terry Rose, Kincaid must operate from a newsroom plagued by a paper-thin budget and a high-strung editor (played by John Gilbert and later by "WKRP in Cincinatti" star Richard Sanders).

Kincaid's loyal cameraperson, Shelly Mars, is played by Kathryn Shield.


Kincaid the StrangeSeeker Preview


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