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Jim French Productions has taken over the syndication of Imagination Theater! We welcome all our listeners to use our blog to let us know how you fell about the show. We also have a forum where you can ask specific questions about our shows and communicate with great people who love radio theater. To visit our forum click here.

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  1. admin says:

    Got another question on why don’t we sell Powder River as a CD set, volume or download. We can’t because we don’t have authorization from the producers of the series The Colonial Radio Theater. We can sell the show as a part of our Weekly Shows on CD but I’m afraid that’s it.

  2. Jim Meals says:

    I have just finished reading your updated guide of radio stations that carry Imagination Theater and have some observations.

    The information regarding KFMB in San Diego is incorrect. Imagination Theater is not heard from 8-10 pm on Sunday nights but Sunday nights at 10:00 pm. I suspect the error was a typo.

    On a more serious note, I am concerned about the declining number of stations that are carrying Imagination Theater. I first discovered your wonderful program over ten years ago when I was marooned in my car on a Sunday night and dancing about the radio dial trying to find something worthwhile. Boy, did I succeed. I found Imagination Theater and have been an avid fan ever since. I am saddened to think that many people cannot have a similar experience because IT is not available in their area.

    I have some suggestions for people who read this forum.

    A)If, like me, you are fortunate to be in range of a station that carries IT, send that station an occasional email expressing your appreciation of the program.

    B)If you are not in range of a station that carries IT, send an email to a station that you listen to and tell the management that, good as their station is, it would be even better with Imagination Theater on the schedule.

    Imagination Theater is one of the best programs on radio and deserves wider circulation. If there is anything we can do as listeners please let us know.

  3. admin says:

    Jim Thanks for the heads up on KMFB, I’ve made the change. If anyone else out there spots an error on our Radio Staions page please let us know.

    Jim Thanks for the glowing reveiw, we are taking what steps we can to increase our number of staations but every little bit helps.
    Larry Albert

  4. don tuttle says:

    not sa big thing but lioke tonights Powder River 2nd of 2 part show it would be nice to have the shows run one after another-sometimes I have trouble recalling what has happened.Still love the program and listen on the internet every saturday night as my little treat.

  5. Justin Harding says:

    Love Powder River and have listened for years. I was disappointed in the most recent show (twisted badge pt 1) to hear Britt use the word “bitch”. I have always thought of this as a family friendly show, but now am not sure. Please consider that many listeners do not use this type of language in their homes and do not want to hear their “hero” use words like these either. Thanks.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Hi, I agree with Justin’s comments above. I really enjoy Powder River, and was really excited to hear the new episodes. However, my wife and I were really surprised at the language in the first episode, and I certainly hope it doesn’t continue in the rest of the shows. I have two children, one of which is 4 years old, and I certainly don’t want him to hear that either.


  7. Cheri says:

    How long until we get to hear episode 2 & 3 of Powder River’s “The Twisted Badge”? We are so happy that you are broadcasting them! We hope you continue broadcasting the rest of season five. The CD’s are not available until Dec. 2012. Thanks!

  8. admin says:

    Episode 2 of the Twisted Badge was included in the show that we aired. Episode 3 will broadcast the week of June 3rd and will be on our website for two weeks starting June 11th.
    Larry Albert

  9. Jerry Robbins says:

    I have never considered Powder River to be a family show – but more as an adult western. Past episodes have seen people getting blown up in a bank, shot and killed unarmed at point blank range, trampled to death in a buffalo stampede, and execution by hanging in the episode that is being discussed here – none of which can be considered “family fare.” In 90 episodes we used the tern “Son of Bitch” once – in TWISTED BADGE. The phrase was used well within the context of the scene, and was not gratuitous. I am sorry if it offended you, and I respect your opinions. – Jerry Robbins, Powder River.

  10. Jim Meals says:

    The recent passing of Dick Beals has caused me to reflect on an IT program from several years back. I believe that Mr. Beals had a role in a Movies for Your Mind episode. The story was a western and Dick Beals gave a powerful performance that was much different from the cartoon voices he did for TV.

    Have I confused Mr. Beals with another actor? If not, I hope you will repeat this episode soon.

    Thanks for your terrific program.

  11. Larry Albert says:

    Dick and I did a Western that Jim had written called the “Wilmont Cache.” He played a you boy whose father had been an outlaw and taken the gangs loot years before. Dick was recovering from a bad cold when we recorded it so his voice wasn’t quite his own at the time, with a sore throat and all but he was a total pro and pulled it off. We worked on the same mic but since he was so much shorter them me I had to do the show sitting down so we’d be the same height.

  12. Clint Hoerner says:

    Hi Larry, Jim, Jay and all;

    I just downloaded chapter 12 of the “War” shows. However, I don’t seem to find chapter 11 of the series. Could you tell me if it is available and the name?

    Thanks much for all the great shows!

  13. admin says:

    Hi Clint
    The shows title is “Secret Mission” and it is in the que to be added as a single.

  14. Justin Harding says:

    Cannot understand what Nile reads that is written in pencil on the back of the business card that Lt. Butterfield delivers to his hotel room. It sounds like bigyokletsup. Can someone translate?

  15. admin says:

    He wrote “Pick you up at seven.” Cheers

  16. Justin Harding says:

    Seems clear now. Don’t know why I couldn’t hear that before. Sheesh !

  17. Dr Bob says:

    I was wondering about a comment that Jim made during the opening tease of the last two Harry Nile shows. “Never been aired on Imagination Theater” Why were not aired then? Was it in respect? I would have thought that would have in ‘memory of’.
    Just wondered.

  18. admin says:

    Dr. Bob: At the time of Phil’s passing there were several of his Nile episodes that had not yet aired on IT. They had played in Seattle when the show was still local to that area. It was felt that introducing Larry as Harry would take priority and the reamaing Harper shows would be aired once Albert was established as Nile.

    Over the years we have slowly been broadcasting the original Harry’s plays both as repeats and premiers.

  19. Dr. Bob says:

    I guessed as much. I do remember the the change of the guard. Over the years I have noticed the changes as Herry Nile shoes have matured. The changes of sound scape, music, edit timing, scripting and character development. All to the improvement of the Adventures of Harry Nile.

    I enjoy both the new as well as the vintage Harry Nile shows. I, for the life of me, don’t know or would care to pick, which I like best.

  20. Jim Meals says:

    I have family in Tennessee and on a recent visit to that state I discovered that you need to update your listing on WGNS in Murfressboro. WGNS carries IT at 10:00 PM on Sunday nights. The station has recently added two translators: FM 101.9 and FM 100.5.
    On earlier trips to Manchester, Tennessee I couldn’t pick up the AM station for WGNS. But, on my last trip, I did listen on one of the FM translators. WGNS now has a wider reach in middle Tennessee and so does Imagination Theater.

  21. admin says:

    Thanks for the heads up Jim. If any of our other listeners know of a station that is currently playing Imagination Theatre are is not listed on our website please let us know.

  22. Byron says:

    Are the flash drives with harry nile and such ever coming back. I missed my chances 2-3 years ago when they were still available.

    Christmas is on they way and these would make great gifts.

  23. admin says:

    I’ve answered Byron privately but this hasn’t been the first time we’ve been asked. The original flash drive offering did not sell as well as we had hoped. However we haven’t dropped the idea completely. We’re discussing offering the complte History of Harry Nile as both hard copies and on a flash drive. The hard copies would be the 7 sets. 149 episode togather would make too large a file for downloading which the main reason we’re looking at the flash drive.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Concerning the history of Harry Nile, I noticed that some episodes are not included in the set. Are the other episodes planned for release in the future?

  25. admin says:

    You’re correct, there are a few of the Harry Nile stories that were not included in the history. The reasons vary; in one story Jim had Harry’s office torched and all of his records lost. Well we know that stories that took place after that episode refferanced Murphy’s filing of old cases. therefor the previous show didn’t fit into the history. In another case Jim hated the script of the original show so years later he rewrote it. The this happeded in several instances.

    As for releasing the omitted programs, well, we’re thinking about putting them out as “The Hidden History of Harry Nile.” Or as a collection of shows that we’ve redone along with the originals.

  26. Adam says:

    Just got a chance to listen to the new Kincaid the Strange Seeker episode “The Beginning of the Beginning”.

    Interesting ending, I have to admit; I wonder what’s going to happen to Kincaid and company now? I can only imagine what kind of things they’ll uncover at Meskatonic University.

    If the series continues that is…

  27. admin says:

    Oh, we’re not done with Kincaid just yet.

  28. Adam says:

    Good to hear about Kincaid not being done.

    Harry Nile and Kincaid are probably my two favorite Imagination Theater series, with Kincaid 1 and Harry Nile 1A.

    I say that because i like both series a lot, but I can’t really decide which one is number 1 in my book, and which is number 2.

  29. Pris says:

    I am very much fascinated and hooked on “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” especially when John Patrick Lowrie is the actor for Sherlock Holmes. Thank you so much for giving quality audio dramas and keeping Sherlock Holmes alive!

  30. admin says:

    I have passed your kind words on to John.

  31. Clint Hoerner says:

    Good Grief!

    I am sending my karma of good health to everyone on staff that has injuries and sickness. Get Well Very Soon! Your listeners need to have their fix of JFP productions. Thank you for all the good shows in the can and the new ones coming down the pike.


  32. admin says:

    Thanks Clint. As Jim has said, they’ll have to drag us kicking and screaming before we give up what we love to do.

  33. Carlos says:

    Trying to locate show heard on Sirius. Old man and lady on bus to dance ballroom. Missed all info. Please send if u can. Muchas gracias

  34. admin says:

    The show is called “Transfer” and it starred Phil Harper and Pat French.

    “In an effort to escape the boredom of his retirement home and the realities of a world he’s grown to old to enjoy, an retired newspaperman takes a daily bus ride to nowhere in particular. Until one day…”

  35. Tom Nichol says:

    Larry–I was shocked to hear of all the health problems the three of you have had to deal with this past year. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that the taping of “The Second Stain” last Monday night went well. I sincerely wish that there were some way I could be of assistance to the three of you, other than simply buying my share of the Sherlock Holmes recordings (I’ll have to wait for my disability appeal to be approved to do that–the hearing is coming up in a couple of weeks!), even on a volunteer basis. If you can come with something along that line, please let me know! Meantime, take care and God bless!!

  36. admin says:

    Thank you Tom, we all appreciate your kind words. The taping was a huge success and I’ll be working on the final product shortly.

  37. sandy says:

    I listen every wknd, I was very upset when you killed off Sandy on powder river, i was happy that she and Britt were finally gonna get together, I dont like this new lady in town.

  38. admin says:

    Hi Sandy,
    First off, given your first name I can understand why you’re upset however, all of this happed many years ago on Powder River since the episodes were recorded long before we began to air the show. I hope you’ll give the new character a chance to grow and develope sice she’s only been in three stories on IT so far.

  39. Tom Nichol says:

    Larry–I’m glad the most recent taping went so well. I hope you’re able to put the final product together without any difficulty. Speaking of products, I was wondering if you’ve considered putting out a “boxed set,” at least in CD format, of the “Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” once you have them all recorded. With Internet service providers putting caps on how much you can download at one time without a penalty, and since flash drives have not yet gotten to the point where they’d be profitable for this purpose, a CD (or perhaps DVD) boxed set seems to be the most economically feasible answer for those of us who might want to get all the “Classic” episodes in one fell swoop. Since DVDs can hold several times as much information as regular audio CDs (or even MP3 CDs, for that matter), you might want to consider this option. (Perhaps an online survey or poll of some kind could give you further guidance on this point.) If nothing else, perhaps you could do it on an “on-demand” basis, as some film studios are doing in releasing some of their older films on DVD. Anyhow, I hope you and Mr. French are both progressing in your recoveries. Take care and God bless!

  40. admin says:

    Hi Tom
    We currently have two box serts available for sale of the Classic adventures each containg 12 of the stories. To date we’ve recorded 37 of Doyle’s Holmes adventures and at the rate we’re going since we alternate with the new pastices we won’t be done with the originals for several years yet. By that time who knows what inovations will have been delveloped.

  41. Lee & Pat says:

    Hi Larry
    Hope all is well. This is the second week that Jim has not been on IT.
    Just a little concerned as you seemed to reference some health issues.
    I had talked to you and Jim shortly before Christmas when I ordered my CD.
    Please take care.
    Pat D.

  42. admin says:

    Jim has been in physical re-hab for several weeks following a fall that resulted in a broken ankle. At the age of 84 his bones are a bit more brittle then younger folk and its taken a bit of tiime for him to heal and learn how to walk again. With luck hel’ll be home this week and back at his desk. In the meantime I’ve had to do the intros on the show and since we send these out ahead of time you’ll be hearing me for a couple more weeks.

  43. Lee & Pat says:

    Hope things are getting better.
    Just to let you know Lee gave a big tip of the hat to IT on his blog this week. He wanted to let folks know about the high quality of the productions and just how great all the actors are. It is The title of the piece is “Check out Imagination Theater”

  44. admin says:

    Just read the blog, man we couldn’t have better fans. Thanks guys.

  45. Nancy Dunham says:

    Just read the blog myself, so sorry to hear that 2012 ended so badly! Conversely, glad to hear things are improving…Sending good thoughts and prayers for you all!


  46. admin says:

    Thanks Nancy.

  47. Bill says:

    It was great to hear Jim’s voice again on the episode broadcast on the 14th! I’ve been a very quiet fan for many a year, and I’m poking my head up to thank you all and wish you all good health and continued success!

  48. Pam says:

    When will the latest Harry Nile episodes be available in ITunes.

  49. lee and pat says:

    Hi Larry
    Hope you can help me with this one.
    Awhile back you had a story where Harry Nile went to England during the war. Many of your characters were involved, including Sherlock Holmes although he was never mentioned by name.
    This was a special episode and we would like to know the name and if it is available.

  50. admin says:

    Hi Pat
    The episode is called “Fifteen Years Later” and it’s currently available as a $1.99 single episode download or as a Weekly Show on CD. Look for week #786.

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