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Jim French Productions has taken over the syndication of Imagination Theater! We welcome all our listeners to use our blog to let us know how you fell about the show. We also have a forum where you can ask specific questions about our shows and communicate with great people who love radio theater. To visit our forum click here.

394 Responses to “Blog – Your Comments and Suggestions Welcome!”

  1. admin says:

    We are currently preparing new product but when it will be up on I-tunes I really couldn’t tell you. We have no control over that.

  2. Mark says:

    Father Brown has to be put to rest. Worst radio program EVER. It trips over it’s own story with the attempt at forced intellectual dialog. Boring as can be and painful to hear. I imagine the scripts seem to have promise in text alone, but the production fails miserably to deliver. I’m a fan of radio plays and have listened for years including hundreds of hours of the old time radio on the radio archive.

    Harry Nile
    Kincaid the Strange Seeker
    Kerides the Thinker
    Hillary Cain
    Powder River
    Sherlock Holmes
    Raffles the Gentleman Thief
    (Re-Run shows)
    Movies for Your Mind

    ALL better than Father Brown and the last Anthony Rathe (not so good in general).

    There is a small radio production show called Campfire Radio Theater. I would recommend contacting them to add to your list of programing before scarring our ears with another dog of a show like Father Brown or Anthony Rathe.

    I can’t imagine a world without your shows, you make my life happier THANK YOU!

  3. admin says:

    The Father Browns have one more episode to air and then Powder River returns. The Anthony has generated some interesting mail. Folks either love or hate it. Some listeners objected to our doing a show about a child molester.

  4. Lila Walker says:

    Since Sirius XM has canceled Book Radio, where
    Can I hear your productions?

  5. admin says:

    Depending on where you live you might be able to pick us up on a local radio station. If not, we offer two weeks worth of shows on our website. Many commercial radio stations stream the show in real time over their websites.

  6. Al Cross says:

    XM was my only option in the car for Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes they came on at the PERFECT time for my 1 1/2 hour afternoon commute everyday. PLEASE talk XM into bringing you back to life! Imagination Theater needs to live on!

  7. admin says:

    I promise you Al if there was any I could I would.

  8. Justin says:

    I am having Powder River withdrawal. Did I hear correctly that Father Brown was put in Powder River’s spot?!?! Nothing should replace Poweder River. It is the best drama on here.

  9. admin says:

    Powder River will be back on the air the week of September 1st.

  10. Jim Meals says:

    I was deeply disappointed in the first episode of season six of Powder River. The show was boring. When near the end of the episode Etta declared that Clearmont was in desperate need of excitement, I suspect many listeners agreed with her.
    Powder River is moving away from Louis L’Amour and moving toward Jane Austen. Yes, last year PR delivered its best episode ever with “The Gunman” a tense, exciting yarn. Powder River can deliver thrills when it wants to but it wants to so rarely these days. The show is now a dramedy of manners and morals: a story of people coping with life’s everyday aggravations. Yawn.
    I do not accept the notion that a traditional western cannot have strong character development. There is too much evidence to the contrary. Most folks agree that Gunsmoke is one of the finest radio programs ever produced in this country. The character development on that show was superb, yet almost every episode in the show’s nine year run contained a strong element of threat.
    What does Powder River promise us for season six? Well, Britt will become a surrogate father to Levi, Millie will plan a visit to Paris, and there is yet ANOTHER woman in Britt’s life. This gal is a good shot. She and Britt plan to have a friendly shooting match. Oh, Boy!
    Yes, I shouldn’t be so caustic. After all, I may hold a minority opinion. I posted similar complaints on this site several months ago; no one agreed with me and a few people posted positive view on PR’s changing direction.
    So, maybe I should leave the good citizens of Clearmont alone and devote more time to the printed word where young authors are doing fine work in the tradition of the golden age western writers. Writers who believe a western should provide suspense and excitement.

  11. Justin says:

    Where is Powder River??? I thought it was supposed to have returned by now. I need my fix !!!

  12. admin says:

    Justin check out our Listen Now Page

  13. Sean says:

    Please put More Sherlock Holmes and Harry Nile sets onto ITunes. I have already purchased all there is available.

  14. admin says:

    Then how about buying them from us directly? That way we get to keep most of the money.

  15. Sean says:

    I would buy from this site directly if you’d provide direct Downloads for IOS platforms. The last purchase I made, took quite awhile to convert to an audiobook file. Besides isn’t some money better than none at all?

  16. admin says:

    Some money is always good but most of the loot is far better.

  17. Graham says:

    It seems that I have heard many of the recent shows before.
    IE Whatever Happened to Santa Claus is from Dec 2008 and Stranger at the Door is from Dec 2003.
    Are shows being recycled or just the scripts?

  18. admin says:

    Hi Graham
    Generally we offer a new show combined with a repeat however, during the Christmas season we take a bit of a rest from new productions and off up what we think are some of our best holiday shows from the past. In 2013 we produced 32 new offerings, combine those with the Father Brown episodes and Powder River and it means we only offered 8 full rerun weekends scattered throughout the year. Another thing to remember is that we try to make certain any rerun hasn’t been heard in over three years, the exception being “Stranger at the Door” which we run as a Christmas regular.

  19. Mike Taylor says:

    Was it just my radio station (KFMB-AM), or did the most recent Kincaid episode, “Dead In The Water,” end very abruptly? Was this a two-parter, or was there some glitch with my local broadcast? Thank you for your time.

  20. admin says:

    Yes it does end rather abruptly. I am assured that this story line is to be continued. So as Stan Lee used to say in the 60’s “Stay with us true believer.”

  21. Ray K says:

    Jim & Gang

    We sure miss Kincaid the Strangeseeker – you know what I am talking about – the original crew (s) – the original story board.

    Our new Kincaid is just not the same – we know you are trying to stay fresh – try something new and modern – but we would love to have our old Kincaid back again.

    Ray K

  22. Ray K says:

    Would be great if you list comments in reverse chronological order — most recent ones first

  23. admin says:

    Hi Ray
    We knew we’d be taking a chance by changing the format of The Strangeseeker but it was felt we run as far as we could with it. Biggie and Shelly are still with the show as it is now but might not feature in as many stories. With the current format we feel we have a wider range of tales to explore. We know change is difficult so w ask you to bear with us.

  24. lee and pat says:

    Actually we just love the new strangeseeker. as readers of hp lovecraft we do love the miskatonic inside jokes. this was not a mistake–it does give more scope and is just marvelously entertaining and perfectly acted as usual
    keep up the good work

  25. Valerie Rose says:

    Last night’s broadcast of “Cassie – A dramatic story of a shelter for abused women” was riveting. Powerful and painfully realistic script, strong performances, tragically relevant. Thank you for airing “Cassie” – I hope we hear more from this writer (who is not credited on the website, and I didn’t note the name – who were the writer, producer & cast?

  26. admin says:

    Cassie was written by Sean O’meara under the named of Keely DeWitt, the producer was Jim French and the cast included Kathryn Shield, Demene Hall, Tracey Leigh, David Hall, Rebecca Stevenson and Jim French.

  27. John S says:

    Hi there at IT, just wondering if the series Kincaid is “Dead in the Water” or have you left us with a cliff-hanger with no resolution on the immediate horizon. After all, it has been almost 3 months since airing. Still listening.

    John S.

  28. John S says:

    Oh, sorry, 4am taking a break at work and didn’t realize you already answered this one. I like the new strange seeker and you were right, you’d gone as far as you could with the old format since god knows when Kincaid last really aired any stories on the I.C. I do really miss the MFYM in the Sci-Fi, horror/ suspense genre. Gravtrak 449, Valley Cab, Night Crew, The Captain and their like. Time for a Renaissance?

    Thanks all!

    John S.

  29. John S says:

    Just out of curiosity, once again I see no Kincaid on the show schedule. Are you planning to finish the “Dead in the Water” storyline in Sept. or Oct? Just disappointed when the new schedule comes out sans my IT favorite.

    thank you for your time.

    John S.

  30. admin says:

    Hi John
    As a matter of fact I’ve aready scheduled a Kincaid two parter to air in the latter part of September and early October. On the “Dead in the Water” question M. J. Elliott has promised me there will be a follow up.

  31. John S says:

    Oh, thank you! You just made my Autumn!

    John S.

  32. Danny says:

    Any chance you can get back on xm, I listened to your channel all day when I drove a truck, couldn’t believe they took your shows of for a farm show. I emailed xm about it , but got some sort of corp mumbo jumbo.sure miss you all. Danny

  33. admin says:

    At this point in time it really doesn’t look like it. Sorry.

  34. lee and pat says:

    Who was the actor who played the gentleman who stole the cigars a few weeks ago? I forget the exact name of the episode and I can’t find it on the polls.

  35. admin says:

    I think his name is Robin Gabrielli. The club had it’s run on the listen again page and has since been taken down.

  36. Please ” deep six ” the series “Anthony Rafe” and ” Father
    Brown ” In the 1950’s it might have been OK.
    The characters in the ” Father Brown ” have the same tone ie
    character to their voices so that it is very difficult to
    tell which character is talking.
    Anthony Rafe is a whinner – hard to listen to.

  37. admin says:

    No. I personally I like the Rathe series and wish we could do more, and while I’m not a fan of the Father Brown character as a detective, I feel Chesteron cheated a great deal, the series has many, many fans and will continue to fill the summer slot for Powder River as long as Colonial Radio allows us to air them.

  38. marc slott says:

    I don’t know if this subject has been brought up before (and I’m not sure if this is the right place for it either,) but I think it would be a great idea to set up a monthly paid podcast. Something like a basic donation/fee of $9.99 month to listen to the weekly podcast and also have limited access to some of your favorite shows, something like 20/month. $25/month and you get 40 shows a month and a free autographed hat J/K. Anyway I don’t know if this would help fund this show and all of its great actors but I know I would be willing to bone up $10 a month for 20 shows I might wanna listen to again. I’d probably pay just to keep the show weekly…I really count on it every sunday night.

    From my perspective I know of other podcasters who are good but no where near as good as Imagination Theater and this group and they collect money but usually in the old traditional ways. I throw $5 a month to a group who only produces one show a month, recently cut from 2.

    You can still single and bulk sale your podcasts through the same medium where you post your weekly free shows.

    I don’t know about all the details but if you ever go to a similar format…count me in.


  39. lee and pat says:

    Have not heard Jim announcing for the last few weeks. Is everything OK?
    Happy New Year and best regards
    Lee & Pat

  40. admin says:

    Jim and I have now begun sharing the hosting duties. Jim has a little trouble with eyes right now. Other then that he’s fine.

  41. Jim, I,ve been retired for 10 yrs. now. Request is there any way you can reduce the $265. Price tag some what on the Harry Nile cd set? I love the series, but the series is a little steep for me. Hope your eyes get better . Just had two Macklaler holes repaired , one in each eye in the last 6 years, good report so far. Thanks Jim , Bill

  42. admin says:

    Hi William
    Reducing the price of the Complete, with the exception of a limited timed sale is not cost productive for us. If you were to by the individual 2 CD volumns the cost would be 453.65. So you can see we’re already offering the complete Collection at a much reduced price. However, that said you can save even further if you were to download each seperate 8 CD set and the one 5 set set. The total cost there is $170.00

  43. Danny says:

    Wish you were back on xm, maybe team up with old time radio if nothing else , xm just sucks now .

  44. Robert Elliott PH.d says:

    I just received a ad from Audable about your Harry Nile set. I baught it. Nice.

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